Brainstorming For Fresh Content? Try These Ideas

We all experience writers block every now and then. When it comes to keeping up with a blog, writing articles, or even writing a book, we all need ideas. This is especially true when maintaining a blog. Creating fresh content is a job in it's self, but there are things you need to be doing constantly to create new content.


One of these things is read. Most days of the week, you should be reading other peoples blogs in your niche, keeping up with the trends and news related to your niche, and you need to do constant research in your field. When you are brainstorming for fresh content, these are the top things you need to be doing. The world is changing on a daily basis and your blog needs to keep up with it or you'll be left behind in the dust.

When doing your reading, be sure to take notes and keep a notebook for those notes only. Make sure you write down the website name and address where you found the information. Doing this will help you to create fresh content. How? Because you are finding new ideas for your blog and you can use these ideas for your blog. Just make sure if and when you decide to use information from someone else's blog, you give them the proper credit and a link from your blog back to theirs. This process is called content curation or blog curation, which is a topic I talked about in one of my previous blog post earlier this year. Using this method well help you create content quickly and easily and it will help you build authority in your niche. Plus you will also be known as the go to site for information and a hub. This is what you want and need if you ever want a profitable blog with fresh content.

Another thing you can do to create fresh content is use private label rights products (PLR). Using PLR products is a great idea only when done correctly. It has to be a very good product and you should never use the product without changing it. Private rights products should only really be used to help your create fresh content, not used as is because other people are using the product as is and you want to keep things professional, be unique, and set apart from sites with crappy or duplicate content. You can get good ideas from PLR products. You can take a private label rights book and look for a good article to use on your blog. However you must still do research and include up-to-date info on your blog. If you have a PLR video or audio, this can be converted into your own words and summarized for a post on your blog or as an article. If the PLR content is crappy, don't use it.

To get people to leave comments, you can use PLR products to put a short quiz in your content and get people to participate. Ask up to four questions in your blog post and give a multiple choice answer to each and provide the answer in the following paragraph and explain why. At the end of your post ask another question and have people to leave the answer in the comment session. Then do a follow up post explaining the answer to the question. Doing this will help you to always create fresh content for your blog and people will look forward to your next post. So you're building traffic and at the same time loyal readers, relationships, and participation, which will send Google and Bing a signal to send more traffic to your site.

You can create a blog post that give you the opportunity to have discussions with your readers. Start off by asking a question and go from there. You'll be amazed at what kind of fresh content you can create.

You can even hold a contest to see how many people come up with the right answers and give away small prizes to the top five or ten people who answer the questions correctly the fastest. Which would mean you would have to look at the timing of the comment the left.

Another thing you can do is pay close attention to questions your readers may ask. This could be the start of fresh content because you can use a blog post or an article to answer the questions. Simply choose the questions that are asked the most and answer it. Make sure you go into great detail and create your content.

You can also create content centered around creating a top 20 list and again explaining each list with a small paragraph. Do you have any ideas for creating fresh content?

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