Is Tweeting Videos Good For Your Company

Pictures is a great way to get your audiences' attention, videos can grab even more attention. Short videos are better than longer ones. But what about a 6 second video. Well Twitter's CEO, Dick Costolo, tweeted a video. That's really cool. Mashable showed the tweet Dick Costolo shared on Wednesday morning. You can read about it and see the video here. The app that's allowing Twitter users to share videos is called Vine.    Joanna Stern wrote an article about the new Twitter app and this is what she had to say..........

They say a photo is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a lot more. By that math, six seconds of video should be worth a whole lot more than 140 characters of text or a Tweet. And that seems to be the point of Vine, an app launched by Twitter today that allows you to add short video clips to your tweets.
The app, which as of now is  available only for the iPhone, is really simple to use and works a lot like Instagram. (Many have been calling it the Instagramof video.) Sign in with your Twitter account or via email, hit the video camera button and press down on the viewfinder to record video. Release your finger and the recording stops, so you can easily move to record something else, but you only have six seconds of space (or tape). Watch your video and then share it with others on the service. There are options to then share it on Twitter and Facebook too. You can read more about the Twitter App Vine here

This is really cool and I believe tweeting videos on Twitter will be a big thing for all of us, especially companies. Short videos will capture more attention than a regular tweet. The attention span of most is short anyway, right? Online advertising has become more popular than commercials and billboards and it will continue to grow at a fast rate. I think businesses will get millions to share videos through this app faster than sharing them any other way. What do you think?

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