How To Be A Perfect Spammer!

We all know how to spam, right? And we know what spamming can do. But do you know how to be a perfect spammer? Will this post will show you how. One way to spam perfectly is by finding a popular blog and post a stupid comment with a link back to your blog on each post they've made in the comment section and bug the crap out of everyone. Lovely huh?

Want more tips. Check out what Corey Eridon said about spamming in a post on his blog titled "How to Be a Spammer In 20 Simple Steps"

Someone once told me that "how-to" content is really great for business blogging. Since I want to be a good inbound marketer, I thought I'd take a stab at writing a "how-to" blog post, and teach everyone how they can become a spammer.

I also heard that accessibility is important in your writing, so I narrowed it down to just 20 steps.

If you haven't made up your new year's resolution yet -- or you've already failed at three or four and need a new one to tackle -- any and all of these 20 steps would be excellent considerations. So, here you go, 20 steps to becoming the best spammer the world's ever seen! Enjoy. (And please regard all of this as totally straight-faced marketing advice.)

Social Media

1) Pin a bunch of stuff to Pinterest that has no visually redeeming qualities. Be sure to shorten the links in your pins' descriptions, too, if you really want to get marked as spam. Marketers who are particularly on the top of their game will make their links go to unrelated web pages; the cream of the crop will just make them broken links.

2) Cram your tweets with dumb hashtags, especially if they're unrelated to the tweet's subject matter. You might even consider crafting a tweet made entirely of hashtags!

3) Hijack someone else's hashtag. For example, when the next #twilight movie comes out, be sure to use that to promote your upcoming webinar, because of the natural tie-in between werewolves and your data appending service. (Twilight has werewolves, right?)

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As you can see this is a funny blog post posted by Corey Eridon, so funny I had to share it. And you will certainly learn to be the biggest and best spammer day in and out after you are done reading.

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