Blog Writing Is A Piece Of Cake

Blog Writing Is Really A Piece Of Cake
What thoughts cross your mind when you think about blog writing? Most people will tell you it can be difficult. I will be one of the few to tell you that blog writing doesn't have to be hard at all. Really blog writing is a piece of cake when you consider how easy it is to create content. Many of you were taught to write great content and write longer blog post. While this is true, it doesn't mean blog writing has to be hard. Content curation is one of the popular methods bloggers use to create content for their blogs easily and in a fraction of the time it used to take to write a blog post from scratch. This method allows the blogger to still provide their followers/readers with high quality content in just a few minutes.      

Even if you don't always use content curation, you can still create a blog post about anything you wish quickly and easy. Don't believe it's possible? Check out what the folks at the highly popular SEOmoz have to say about blog writing......

In order to create a successful blog, you have to be passionately curious about the topic you're covering.
This notion was the central point of my Mozinar on "Blogging Like You Mean It" a few weeks ago, when I shared my personal story of blogging success. Here's a concise recap of the story, for those who missed it: I was once tasked with creating a blog on a topic I was completely uninterested in: television. At that time, there wasn't a TV in my home and I had absolutely no interest in television.

In order to run the blog, I knew I had to find a way to approach the topic that would be interesting enough to make blogging feel less like work and more like fun. (That's the real trick to successful blogging, by the way: writing about things you are completely and naturally passionate about.) For this project, I was able to come up with a question that fully piqued my interest in the topic: "How has television impacted the history of our culture, and how will it continue to do so in the future?"

With that one question, I was able to get interested in the topic, and eventually the blog started ranking in the top search results for some extremely competitive terms related to TV. Within a matter of weeks, we were writing articles that captivated people from around the globe and were even featured prominently on sites like The Guardian, AdWeek, New York Magazine, BuzzFeed,, and Design Work Life. Today, the blog has been taken over by a remarkable, dedicated team at

Then he goes to say...........

It all starts with questions

First off, any uninteresting topic can be made interesting by asking questions.

Questions work remarkably well for two reasons: primarily, they give us clear purpose and direction in our efforts. When we're asking questions and actively pursuing the answers, our work suddenly becomes an opportunity to learn and grow, not just to get links or fill up pages on the web.

Secondly, we, as bloggers, should focus on asking (and pursuing the answers of) questions because there is bound to be an audience for the content created around those questions; people who are looking for the same answers. See more from SEOmoz here

I like how he says an uninteresting topic can be made interesting by asking questions. This is great because the answers will help you successfully and constantly write for your blog. Being passionately curious will help you to put together a good post that will draw attention every time and jump start a great discussion. 

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