Get Amazon's Customers to Buy Affiliate Products Through You

As Google and Bing continue to tidy up their search engines, we have to constantly continue to come up with advanced strategies to bring traffic to our websites and blogs.  Posting rich content to our blog is not enough and if that is the only thing we do, we will never make a dime. You have to network, post comments, be a guest blogger, build backlinks, post videos, and do several other things constantly to get visitors to your sites and blogs. New strategies are being born daily and so are products on how you can get more traffic to your blog.

Well there is one powerful free method you can use to get more visitors and sure buyers to your sites and blogs. The answer is Amazon. See when people visit Amazon, they are already looking to buy something. Their database is full of buyers. Amazons customers are looking for solutions at that moment, so why not cash in on some of the action. I did a blog post on “Use KDP Select to Increase Website Traffic” and I explained how KDP Select can bring in more traffic. I’ve had success with KDP Select and made a passive income from creating information products. I’ve even helped a couple of family members do the same.  It is very easy for you to do, especially if you are a blogger because you already create content on a regular basis and this is something you have to do if you want to maintain a good blog.

So here’s the strategy I use in my own business.

I create kindle eBooks. Some of them are not related to my blogs, a few are. The ones that are related I put links in them back to my blog or to a product. Since these customers are looking for solutions already, there’s a greater chance that someone will want the product that I recommend. And since we don’t have access to the customers’ information from Amazon, we have to create books with a few links placed in them, (you don’t want to overdo it though).

This strategy will help you to get new visits to your blogs and new customers. The guide just needs to be something short, but long enough for you to give valuable information to your reader. So don’t just throw together a book and expect to put it on Amazon. Your books will have to be accepted in order for you to sell it on their site and it needs to actually help your customer in some way.

So let’s say you are promoting an affiliate product on losing stomach fat, you can create a book on helpful tips to lose body fat and recommend the affiliate product and your weight loss blog/site.

 If you can give the best and helpful info, your customers will listen to you when you are recommending a book or a product and will more than likely buy it from your site or the affiliate product through you.

Now what I do recommend is you put a link to your site in every kindle book you create. You can use affiliate links, but I highly recommend you put your site or blog more so than anything. The reason I recommend you do this is because you will have more control and contact with your customers and you want to do things in a professional matter.  Since you most likely have affiliate links on your blog or site, sending buyers to your site will be the best thing for you, this way you’re building your business and not just passing all customer contact to the vendor of the affiliate product.

You also want to make sure you have your contact information such as an email address and/or a phone number in your kindle book. You can also include a link to send buyers to a squeeze page and offer a free useful product there.

I’ve seen some kindle books where people will have the link to their website or a free product in the preview or introduction area of their book. This way if a customer doesn’t buy their book, they can still click on the link and access the free product. I’ve even done this myself and got information I was looking for. There was a book I was interested in but instead of buying the book, I clicked on the cover to look inside and clicked on the link to get their product and I ended up on their email list.

This strategy works well in the affiliate marketing business and it works even if you have your own product and want to spread the word about your business.  You can also give your book away for free for five days if you choose to join the KDP Select program, but book has to be exclusive to Amazon to be in the program. If you choose not to enroll your book in KDP Select, just place a link on the first page of your book and guide Amazon’s customers to your sites and blogs. 

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