Do Mini Sites Make You Money As An Affiliate?

What do you think about building a passive income in affiliate marketing building mini sites? Some people believe mini affiliate sites don't work like they used to work years ago. If you are one to believe this, I have news for you, mini sites still work. You just have to know how to make them work and you can build mini affiliate sites that will provide you with passive income that will pay a bill or two.  

People are buying stuff all the time from the internet and as long as they continue, you can make money as an affiliate. Many people don't want to drive a few miles up the road going from store to store looking for goods anymore. More people are looking for convenient ways to shop and the internet is a huge mall that offers customers that.

I am going to talk about a few things you can do to build a profitable mini affiliate site that focuses on the product and keywords that will get you ranking in Google and other search engines.

Mini sites are great for affiliates because you as an affiliate are going to always provide more information than the merchant site will. See the merchant will never tell the customer everything they need to know about the product. There are so many choices and it can be hard for the customer to choose the best product. You, the affiliate, go above and beyond and do research on the product and provide that much need information and display it on your mini site in a way where the customer can easily make up their mind on which product to buy.

Merchants will never tell a customer if a competitor is selling a similar or the same product at a cheaper price. They will never tell the customer if their competitor offers a way better warranty. Your mini site will inform the customer of this and any valuable information they need to know before they make the purchase.

Many merchant sites only offer the features of the product and they spiff it up to entice the buyers to take out their credit card. Most people who earn commissions, affiliates included, will do anything to make a sell. They just take the information from the merchants site and copy it onto their site and expect to make commissions. They don't provide the important info needed either.

Think of typical car salesmen. What do they normally do? They try to hurry you along and do the fast talk to get their commissions. Some don't even consider the best interest of the customer. You got some that do care, but most don't. You have to ask for the car fax because most will not offer it and many won't tell you if the car is a lemon. They just want to sell car and that's it.

Most affiliates do the same and if you set yourself apart from these affiliates and provide the helpful information buyers need, you'll always make a passive income. So you do the research the customers don't have time to do, put it in front of the hungry crowd, and inform them which product is the best. It's that simple.

Simple steps on building mini affiliate sites.

First you need to find your product. Do keyword researches using the Google Keyword Tool. If you don't have a product in mind, use the keyword tool to help you. If you want to sell mixers, type in the word mixers in the keyword tool. After you're done, you will see keyword ideas. One of the first things that pops up is the keyword. "kitchenaid artisan mixer" and "dj mixers". Doing this will not only give you an idea for keywords, but ideas on choosing products to promote. KitchenAid is a good brand. QVC is constantly selling products by this brand. Plus they always "over" explain the value of using the product to their customers and show them the reviews of what others are saying about the products. They also do demonstrations and show people how the product work.

The orange circle is where you type in the product category. The blue rectangle is where you will see the top keyword ideas and it shows the brands of the mixers. Doing this will give you ideas and help you find products to promote on your mini affiliate sites. 

If you have a product you love and it works like a charm, you can consider finding an affiliate program and promote it using YouTube as well as your mini affiliate site.

When people are typing in the name of a product and the color, or even the model, they are in buying mode. The actual name of the product and the color is called a buying keyword. You want to go after these people, not just people looking for basic information. Building a blog is great; having a website with lots of content is great too. But building mini affiliate sites with content is even greater because you are targeting the buyers not just the information seekers. Information seekers alone aren't gonna make you a dime. Just ask yourself this question: do you go to the library to buy something. No, you go for information only and many people use the internet just as they would use their local library.

You do have to provide information on you mini affiliate sites to rank fairly well on Google. Your main focus is going to be the product and the information the merchant didn't provide the customer.

You need to also consider finding weird and untapped niches where many people are not helping the customers. Most affiliates go after the highly popular stuff on Clickbank or Commission Junction. I'm not saying these are bad sites or anything, but you gotta go a different route than most affiliates  Super affiliates know what they need to do the make money and they have hundreds of mini affiliate sites going after the untapped markets.

So the basic steps of building a mini affiliate site is find an untapped and/or weird niche, use the keyword tool and type in product categories (the example I used for the mixers), research and provide buyers with the untold information on your mini site, showcase the product on your mini site, and write a high quality article and place it on your mini site that relates to the product or services. You need to also link to high authority sites so Google will trust your site. This helps you rank higher in the search engines.

Another thing you need to consider if you are an Amazon Associate, the low commission rates. What I do is choose products that will pay me a higher commission. It takes the same amount of work to earn a ten cent commission as it does to earn a $20 or $30 dollar commission.

Bottom line today is mini affiliate sites work. I have a few and they're easy to make and easy to rank. You just need a good product to promote, the hidden stuff merchants don't explain, and high quality info.

Learn more about creating mini affiliate sites from this new free book Forever Affiliate Free Strategy Guide 2013

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