Should You Promote Get Paid To Sites? Learn The Truth

Get paid to sites, they all promise you big cash, they tell you the cash is free, they say get paid to read emails and sign up for offers, and the list goes on. While these things may be true, there are some things you need to know about get paid to sites. First of all don't believe all of the hype. Users of these sites get suckered in all of the time. How do I know, because I was one of them. They sell you this lie to get you to sign up so that the marketers and the site owners benefit. Now I'm not saying money can't be made because it can, but you will have to mostly buy something in order for you to get paid.

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When get paid to sites (GPT) advertise on the web, they sell the lie of making money while you sleep, and most of the time they never tell you everything on how you really make money. However some will tell you that you get paid when the advertisers pay them. So what if they don't pay you? You just work for nothing. In my opinion it isn't real work. Most of the time its a waste of time.

I did a review on this (GPT) site called CashCrate and I tell my exact experience of using the site because I believe people need to know the truth about CashCrate and other (GPT) sites. I made money in a few days of signing up and got a check, but most of my pay came from offers and trials. I did the trail pay, where you try it out, provide your credit card information and stay for a certain length of time then you get paid the set amount, while they still got your card information. Some offers even tell you they don't except prepaid cards, I know this because I tried using a prepaid card. Then if you don't cancel the trail, your card will get charged.

Most of the things on that site and others like it such as Swagbucks, ZoomBucks, and Inbox Dollars want you to make a purchase in order to make money. I am a member of these sites, but I haven't been on them for awhile because there is only so much "free" stuff and trail pays you can do until you run out. I certainly don't want to have to buy things and services I don't want or need just to make a few bucks.

You really aren't making anything, it's more like you're saving money, but then again can you really call it that if you don't need what they are offering? Really think about that for a moment.

Also think about this, get paid to sites want you to submit you email and spend too much time saying yes and no to other offers or 3rd party offers. They are all offering the same offers and getting paid lots more than what they are paying you to sign for these offers.

Its way too many make money programs out there that are advertising make money doing such and such and most of them don't deliver, and this includes multi-level marketing (MLM) and pyramid schemes. I've tried a whole lot of get paid to stuff and make money programs and didn't make nothing, and most of the time I didn't hit their little thresh hole to get paid.

Now about the affiliate programs. Should you promote get paid to sites or become an affiliate for them? That depends on how you feel about these programs. But to tell you the truth the only way you'll have a chance to make lots of money with get paid to sites is to promote it, and that's only if the sign ups are active. But this can be a bit of a problem if you don't tell the truth about the get paid to sites.

Here's why.....

How do you plan on advertising the get paid to sites? You got to have some way of doing so. Most of all the get paid to sites have banners and ads they offer their affiliates. But I wouldn't suggest it because they are mostly lying on those banners just like they are lying on their ads.

If you decide to promote these sites it's best to use the site and see for yourself how it works and give your own opinion on using the program. You should help others rather than trying to sign up and earn a buck. That's exactly what I did when I wrote my review on CashCrate. I gave them the bad before I gave them the little good the site happens to offer.

When you sign up for offers all of them will spam your emails with their own ads, tell you you're approved for a loan or a credit card, and offer you other crappy things. That is why you should share your experience and then decide if promoting get paid to sites is for you. I decided not to promote anything else except for the review I wrote on CashCrate. I give people the option of signing up, but I make sure they know exactly what they are getting themselves into. I even show the proof I made money, but to be honest that's all I've made since the time I signed up in November of 2012. So that right there will tell you how hard you have to focus to make anything from these types of sites.

Swagbucks and the others are the same way, you earn a little and that's it, It becomes harder to earn after awhile. Then their partners' sites can slow your computer down and will send you stuff from their own partners. In actuality get paid to sites are nothing more than pyramid schemes. Then the paid surveys are bogus because most of them you'll never qualify for. You find that out after wasting 5 or 10 minutes on each survey.

Now lets not forget about the "free" offers. Most of these type of offers want you to sign up to receive their newsletters, jokes, quotes, coupons, or other offers their third party is offering. So free is not really free, it's mostly things you just do to get paid a few cents and in return you get a bunch of emails until you decide to unsubscribe. These emails are pre-selling emails to get you to buy something most of the time.

These programs are in operation in hopes of making money for themselves and everyday people make them and their sponsors rich. In most cases everyday users will never get rich unless once again you can get a but load of sign ups by promoting. But then again you may not want to associate yourself with get paid to sites because it involves too much and in some cases it can cause others to waste their time and bog their computer down (better have a good antivirus while using these sites).

Get paid to sites want you to believe that you need things they offer by offering you kibbles and bits and getting you to spend money you otherwise would have never spent or even saved in the long run.

So promoting and joining these sites is up to you. You be the judge. I know I will not join another get paid to site ever again because they are all the same. Its like your car repair place; you take your car get it fixed, they mess up something else without your knowledge and you take your car back to the same place to get the "new"problem fixed. You're wasting time and money in both cases.


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