The Traffic Is In The List Too!!!!!

You've heard many times that the money is in the list. But you know what, the traffic is in the list too! Email marketing is an old and powerful form of marketing and has stood the test of time to this date. Not only is it most marketers' ATM machine, but it is also a marketers' traffic generator. List can be built by creating a simple eBook or e-newsletter where readers can subscribe to you easily. Don't forget you can use a simple, compelling squeeze page, which is also powerful marketing.

Email marketing is still a fantastic way to promote your website or a product you recommend or one that you've created yourself. Plus with people flocking to Amazon, which is a site where all of their traffic is nothing but buyers, you can kill two birds with one stone by publishing a kindle eBook with your URL on the first page for as little as 99 cent and give it away for free five days in a 90 day period.

People will forever use the internet as a means for searching the web for information. Most don't go to the library no more. Its all about convenience  And the best part about this is you can come to their rescue and provide that information that will fit their needs through email marketing.  In my opinion email marketing will never get old, at least not for a very long time. I still recommend you use this method if you are promoting a product or if you are just simply trying to get more traffic to your blog. In my opinion  I feel you should focus more on using email marketing to get traffic to your blog by providing helpful information and less on selling anything. Because once you build that trust, they will see what you have to offer on your blog and you'll eventually make money anyway.

So now I will give you a few simple tips:

1. Don't ask for your subscribers' name just ask for their email address. If you ask for too much information you just may push them away. Eventually you'll have their name because if you are providing really good info, they will make a purchase from you or through you. If you happen to not have your own product, ask them to email their receipt or proof of purchase for a free gift if they click on your affiliate link.

2. Make sure you have a call to action at the end of every email. Example "you can find more information on my blog" and provide a link for them to click.

3. Always include a signature.

4. Share part of your blog post in the email and tell them to click on the provided link to read the rest of the post.

5. Use a catchy headline in the subject area.

6. Spark up emotion in your emails and get people excited to click on your link to your blog or website and encourage them to share their thoughts by posing  a comment on your blog.

7. Hold a contest on your blog or donate to charity and have a campaign on your blog and tell people about it through email marketing.

8. Most of the time offer them a free eBook or something else free where you subscribers can benefit greatly.

9. Offer something controversial or something that has viral tendencies.

10. Share funny or controversial pictures or jokes related to your niche with your subscribers and encourage them to share them.

Use these tips to help you generate traffic through email marketing. As I said before the traffic is in the list too, so use email marketing to boost your traffic and worry about making money later; the money will come.

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