Attract Readers To Your Blog Like Perez Hilton Does

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So you're writing blog post after blog post in hopes of attracting more readers. But who are you trying to attract? This is the question you have to ask yourself when you are blogging. Before you even start a blog you need to know what type of audience you're trying to attract. With many people doing niche sites and blogs, you need to be able to set yourself apart from the rest and give readers what they are looking for.

How do you attract readers to your blog? You blog about something that your readers want to read. It needs to be something engaging and attention getting. One way you can do that is by content curation. I talked content curation in a different post but I bring this up again because this is a popular way to get attention instantly. Perez Hilton's blog is very popular because he uses this method. Then on top of that he talks about something most people like to read about and that's celebrity gossip.

When Perez Hilton blogs, he is always talking about celebrities. He pick the hottest stories he finds on other popular websites takes the content and curates it, add his own twist to it with a title that attracts his readers, and send them on the the popular website so that they can continue reading what the gossip is about. Perez Hilton picks out the news that's popping and talks about it. For instance, you can go to Perez Hilton's blog now and at the top you can see what's trending. When I took a look at his blog recently, the trending celebrities were Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and a few others. During the inauguration, people talked about Beyonce lip syncing at the event. This discussion became so popular people wanted to know more about it.  Perez Hilton put up a funny short video clip and at the side of the video put a title telling people "Beyonce Fake It! National Anthem Lip Synching Confirmed By Inaugural Official!"

Now for most people this title would be too irresistible to resist clicking on. The same goes for some of the other things he put on his sites about celebrities. Another example of what he posted to his blog was "Nicki Minaj STORMS OUT of American Idol Audition after Judges Fight! WATCH HERE!". Anybody who loves or follows Nicki Minaj will want to know what and why this happened, especially if these folks didn't watch the episode. Perez Hilton can create blog titles that will make a person want to click on it. This is what you have to do to attract readers to your blog like Perez Hilton and he does it well.

Perez Hilton's blog is making the man a living and he's making big money by drawing people to his blog. How, because he is providing content that people want and crave. Then he monetize his blog with advertising. He's doing extremely well. Perez Hilton also has followers via social media, which makes him even more popular.

You can do the same thing he is doing. How, by writing epic topics, stuff people want to see. As I already mentioned, Perez Hilton does this and he's doing it multiple times daily.

For example, if your blog is about weight loss, you can find a celebrity who lost weight and talk about how they did it. You can create an irresistible title, and if the celebrity has a blog, share some of what they talk about on your blog and link back to that celebrity's blog giving them credit.

You can even interview well known bloggers in your niche and create a blog post around that. Just make sure everything you write about somehow relates to your niche.

Also look at your comment section and create a blog post by answering questions. If a lot of people ask similar questions, this is an indicator you need to make a post about it.

People like to read about celebrities and this is what can make you an authority. Your blog post becomes popular and people will start to follow you. Take a look at Perez Hilton's blog and you'll see what I'm talking about.

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