How to Select A Profitable Niche

In order to be successful as an affiliate marketer, you have to choose the right niche. The mistake a lot of affiliates make is trying to find a product to promote before choosing a niche. This is not the best way to choose a product, it's best to choose an evergreen niche first then worry about the product later. 
Much like a store, there's a variety of niches. Which will you choose?

I'm about to explain to you how to select a profitable niche. First of all you, need an evergreen niche as I just mentioned. An evergreen niche is a niche where people will always need what you have to offer. For example a health product such as weight loss, anti aging, or an embarrassing body odor; or self improvement products such as dating or success. Evergreen products will always make you money because people will always have needs and people will always experience these types of issues. Products like these will always be in high demand because people are always looking for solutions and they want quick solutions. 

Plus the niche you choose need to be a niche where the market is big enough and the demand is high. You need to choose a market that is starving for the product you want to promote. If people are not hungry enough for the product or niche, you need to steer away from it. 

You need to also consider choosing a niche where you can find products that people are desperate for. For example, think about the guy who is about to go on a date and has an on going problem with stinky breath; you could choose a product in the health niche that will help this guy fix his bad breath issue. Also think about the person who has a sexual problem; example premature ejaculation or loss of sexual desire, you can find a product to promote that will help people fix these problems. What about a person who has infertility issues or the one who wants to prevent identity theft; you can look for products geared towards helping these people prevent identity theft and a book on healthy eating to help prevent infertility. 

The examples I give above are very good examples to help you get started. You need to aim for niches that are making the money. I will provide the steps below:

Ask yourself what is the problem that people are very desperate to fix? Think about the problems that keep folks tossing and turning or even awake all night. Think about the people in your life. What do they have problems with and what do they always talk about concerning the problem? I have a friend who is constantly talking about her excessive sweating problem under her arms. I went one day to look up information to help her and guess what; there were a lot of other people asking the same questions. Yahoo answers is a good place to start when looking for niches and products. 

Now what is it that you don't like about someone you hang around? This could be a family member you live with or a friend. I know someone in my life who has a problem and it is very nerve wreaking to be around this person sometimes because it is an annoying situation. 

Once you figure that out, do some research and see what other people are saying on the internet about similar problems. The more you can find other people talking about a particular problem, the more of an indicator you're on to something good. 

When you do your research ask yourself do people spend money in the niche you are considering. If loads of people are spending money, it's a good sign you've found your niche. You can even type in Google words like "how do I", or "how can I" and see what else pops up. It will give you a great idea what people are searching for.

Always remember that the internet is the first place people will come when they are looking for a solution to their issues. You need to be the person that can provide the solutions. You need to also look at other products similar to the one you are considering after you've picked your niche. You need to also make sure you can provide information on your site that no one else has offered yet. This will put you ahead of the game if you can do this. 

Competition will be fierce and you will have to pick the right kind of product that you can successfully promote that will make you a comfortable steady flow of monthly income from affiliate marketing. There are many people selling products online and many will be selling and promoting similar products you choose. If you can, you need to choose a product that will allow you to make money through up-selling and cross selling. 

Before you make a final decision on what to promote and what niche to choose, take a trip to Amazon's website and see what's selling in the book and kindle book section. This will give you a strong indicator on what niche is hot and what's not. 

You should always remember that new niches are created daily and you should always be on the look out for new things in technology, health, and well everywhere. Think about how you can now tweet videos on Twitter.  

Soon you will see people creating products on how to market or make money tweeting videos. Look at Amazon kindle books, there are books out there on how to make money through that channel. There will always be new products and niches, but you have to pick the right one, that's the key. Also if you choose something you have a little knowledge about or something where you experienced you own problem or something embarrassing that troubled you, it will always be easy to keep up with a blog and write articles or blog post on your own experiences. People will feel your past pain through your writing and will be more willing to check out what you recommend. 

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