What Do Customers Think Of PLR (Private Label Rights) eBooks

You've heard many things about using private label rights (PLR). Most of what you heard was from other bloggers, article writers, and product creators. But what do your customers think of you using PLR products?

I went to amazon and did a search of the customer reviews and this is what I found:

This is a snapshot of the book called "Raw Food Diet Guide: All You Wanted To Know About The Raw Food Diet"

As you can see the customer said "don't waste your money......." here's the link ---> Review 

Then he goes to say......

"This "ebook is a waste of time and paper that it is printed on.... nothing new to learn just some PLR drivel someone tried to pass off as "quality" work..."

Now this is the screenshot showing where Amazon took the book down:

Here is another one snapshot:

See how the customer said "more recycled junk".

See the link----> Review

Make sure you click on the link to the left where it says review details and you will see the book is not available for sale on Amazon.

Then take a look at this: All My Amazon eBooks Have Been Taken Off The Shelf! 

This person said that all of their books were removed from Amazon and he was just giving the Warriors a heads up if they were using PLR products.

So if a well known website like Amazon is eliminating private label rights (PLR) products from their site, why would you use them on your site without adding quality to the content and changing it. Most of the content that is in PLR is a bunch of crap.

You would have to sort through the information and just use it to get ideas. Never, ever, use PLR as is and never try to sell PLR eBooks on Amazon. Some people give them away to get subscribers, but that pretty much the best way to use PLR products.

I don't care what you heard about how PLR products can make you money if you sell them on the kindle, you can't. The only way you will get away with selling PLR material is if you are a darn good writer who knows how to do proper research and find up-to-date info to add to what you use from PLR books.

What is more important is what the customers have to say about PLR and some of them can spot it a mile away. I'm not saying private label rights products is all bad because you can get good ideas and create great content.

But you should never use the product as is. If you do use these types of products stay away from ALL private label rights articles because they are mostly poorly written. Also if you use PLR, just get ideas for your blog post. You don't want to lose readers because you are too lazy to write your own content.

There are many things you can do to create content. There's content curation, which is a good process for sharing the content of others on your site or blog. Also doing a simple web search to see if you can find anything news related to what you want to post.

I've used PLR products before and it has helped me to get ideas for articles topics, but I've never left it as it. It is always good to add your own thoughts and original content to all of your blog post, books you create, and articles you write. Most importantly do research before you even type or write the content.

PLR products are a gift and a curse because there's both good and bad involved. Fresh, original  and high quality content will always remain king. And if you want your site to be an authority, make sure you provide your readers with good quality content.

Always remember duplicate content will get your site banned from Google and all the other search engines. Many people are using the same exact PLR content you are using, so you need to be set apart and different from those who use private label rights content and don't change it. Most people just slap the content on their blog and leave it as is.

Don't believe me, just take some of the content and copy and past it in the Google search engine. Put the copied sentence in "parenthesis" and you will see a bunch of stuff pop up signalling the duplicate content.

Look at this example: "Sience it's already a widespread business, you'll" Copy and paste this into Google and this is what you get:

These people didn't even have the decency to check the spelling of what they copied. It also shows the quality of the PLR content which is not very good. Then look at how many results came up, over 10,000. This goes to show you that many people are using the same content as you, and they are literally not changing the content. It also discredits your name. This is what you want to be set apart from.

People even complain and wonder why they are losing readers and why they are not making sales. If you are doing what these people in the photo above did, you'll never make money and will have absolutely no readers.

Just be careful if you just happen to decide to use PLR products. Also if you use the products make sure it is very high quality private label rights eBook,  not the articles, and just use them to get some ideas. There is very little high quality PLR out there and you will have to search hard to find it. As I said before it is a gift and a curse.

If you are having a hard time, just hire someone to write the post for you or to create booklets and reports to giveaway to your readers and subscribers. Focus on building credibility and authority for your business.

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