Why You Should Welcome Failure

Failure should be a part of your life. If it is not, then you will never succeed. This is what I mean; when you are learning and in the process of trying to succeed, you are definitely going to fail at trying to be successful. This is actually a good thing. When you start learning how to walk, you fall first. Why, because you've never done that before. When you learned how to drive, you've made mistakes. Even if you didn't run over the mailbox, you still had to learn how to keep a straight path, which is difficult if you've never done it. Everything we do, we have to learn how to do it with the exception of a few things such as breathing. Breathing is something we automatically do.

When I first started making money online, I've failed. Why? Because I was still learning and I didn't know everything. I still don't know everything; never will. Plus there will always be things I will need to learn and get hip to if I want to continue to succeed in a forever changing world. So being afraid of failing cannot be apart of my thinking. I have to concentrate on gaining experience and failing if I want to be successful and so should you. You need to welcome failure into your life and let it be apart of your thinking so you can succeed  at everything you do.

If you are scared to fail at everything, just stay in the bed all day and do nothing. You can't avoid failure, it will always be apart of your life, even when you do succeed at one area or several areas. When you fail, that means there is more you can do to make yourself better and learn from your mistakes. You just can't accomplish anything with out failing. Now failing isn't easy. It can be painful and can cause people to not believe in your dreams and you end up having to believe in yourself when others will not. As a matter of fact, we shouldn't let other people's thoughts define who we are and what we can do.

There are many people who have dreams or have had dreams and never achieved them because of fear of failure. They get stuck punching a time clock at a 9-5 they never wanted because of fear of failing. More than 90% of people are in this category because they don't want to be a failure. But you know what, they've already failed because they gave up.


Affiliate marketing or any other business or career moves we want to make will involve some level of failing. You just can't give up. I don't mean think negatively either, but be ready to welcome failure so you can learn how to be the best at everything you do. When you learned how to skateboard or ride a bike, you failed many times, literally. But you learned and now you don't fall anymore. The same will happen in your professional life and in your personal life.

Many people have had failed relationships and took what they learned from the past failed ones and applied what they learned to their new relationships. After these failures, they moved on to get married and are happier than they were before. And I bet some of these people never thought they could have happiness.

In the closing of this post remember these key points: successful people faced failure and they aren't afraid to fail and take risk; failure causes growth and maturity; failure causes us to succeed and work harder and set our goals higher; failure show us areas where we can improve; failure helps us to avoid past mistakes. So happy failing! Tell me what you think.


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