Is Weight Loss a Good Niche For An Affiliate?

The health industry offers any affiliate the chance to make a huge amount of money. Acne, bad breath, and trying to get healthier is on the mind of many Americans right now as you are reading this post. One problem that's gonna always need attention is weight loss. The weight loss niche is huge because a lot of people in this country is overweight and many are obese. With McDonald's around the corner of most homes and the junk food industry plastering ads of food all over the place, people are gaining the pounds. People are also looking at the beautiful celebrities and models and want to get a body like them.

With that being said, affiliates can reel in the big bucks by promoting products in the weight loss niche. There are tons of products to choose from, gaining muscles to lose weight, men and women trying to lose weight, how to lose the baby or pregnancy weight, and too many more to name. People are always gonna wanna know how to lose the extra fat and flab, no matter what time of year it is.

The way we eat has changed and back years, even centuries ago, people didn't eat the way folks do it today. There wasn't a fast food restaurant sprouting around ever corner and traffic light. So the weight loss niche can be any affiliate's goldmine if done so correctly.

Let's see what the folks over at Affilorama had to say about this niche....

“Health is wealth” as the old adage goes. Lifestyles and eating habits have evolved rapidly as we progressed. We now have “fast food” (French fries anyone?). Eating is not so much as a need as it is a social activity. Losing weight is now a problem shared by everyone around the globe. All of us need to watch how much weight we put on as this is essential for a long, healthy life.
Wikipedia estimates that in the U.S. about USD$33 billion dollars is spent on weight loss products. The site notes that more or less 70% of Americans try to lose weight on their own through the use of various DVDs, crèmes, pills, supplements, etc. This is just in the US alone.
To meet this demand, we have hundreds of different weight loss websites out there that feature a whole slew of weight loss programs and methods. They're all about one thing: how to lose weight. But while the niche and the information on these weight loss websites are the same, the sites itself are not. This is because the weight loss niche has several different sub‐niches:
  • Women trying to lose weight 
  • Men trying to lose weight
  • Weight loss for children
  • Weight loss programs for diabetics 
  • Post–pregnancy weight loss 
  • Lose weight and build muscles 
Those are just some of the sub‐niches for weight loss that you can get into. Now, which sub‐niche? As a proud and busy mama of two little girls, I have found it difficult over the years to lose weight. It’s been close to three years now, and unfortunately, I have not lost the weight I gained during my last pregnancy. So, there’s my sub‐niche! :) Read more from Affilorama here

Wikipedia estimated $33 billion spend on weight loss products! Wow! No affiliate can say there's no money to be made in the weight loss niche. The best way to get started promoting weight loss affiliate products is to pick a sub niche instead of focusing on the weight loss niche as a whole. You gotta target one group of people who is having problems losing weight in a particular area. The article I shared with you from Affilorama gave you six sub niches to choose from.

If you focus on the sub niche, you'll make more money as an affiliate than you would if you had not chosen a sub niche. Too many people are trying to lose weight for an affiliate to not be making any money. Don't worry about the niches being over saturated because if you build your affiliate business right from the beginning, creating a content rich website or blog, and engaging your readers and followers, you won't have a problem at all. Don't forget, give your audience what they want, provide them helpful tips they can use to help them without making a purchase, and they will be more inclined to buy the product you are recommending.

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