Amplify Your Tweets for Better Click Through Rates

One of the best ways to share a blog post, article, message, or anything is through Twitter. If links are good they will get shared and re-tweeted super fast. That's only if you use the right words, titles, and verbs. Twitter is becoming more and more popular by the day and if you tweet your followers you need to know how to effectively use twitter and amplify your tweets for better click through rates. Linda Bustos shared a very important message on improving the Twitter link click through rates and this is what she had to say.......

When it comes to sharing links through Twitter, what makes them click?
Dan Zarella from HubSpot set out to answer that question, analyzing over 200,000 link-containing tweets, and measuring several characteristics that appear to influence click through. Dan’s findings are presented infographically (WordPress tells me this is not a word, but I don’t care), which we will here break down tip-by-tip, along with some real-world examples.
Now here is a tip she shared............

6. Tweet on the weekends

No surprise here, tweet volume from marketers is understandably down on the weekends, so there’s a better chance your links are seen by weekend socializers. Schedule tweets in advance with Crowdbooster or Hootsuite, and of course monitor click-through vis-a-vis similar links during the work week.
Another tip: Check out (ah, see what I just did there?) Tweriod, an app that will tell you your ideal time to tweet based on your audience. See more from Linda Bustos here.

I like how she shared Dan Zarrella's results from his study of more than 200,000 tweets that contained links. Another thing I learned from this site is to increase the usage of verbs and action words. The info-graphs from her site shows you proof that the click through rates are higher when you incorporate these tips into your own tweets.

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