Bing is Cleaning The Junk From Their Search Engine

With all the talk about how Google is moving forward with their changes, we seem to forget about the other major search engines. One of them, Bing, is making some of their own changes. They're taking out the trash. Parked domains, broken links, new domains with a bunch of crappy ads and no helpful content, and other junk, is being removed from the Bing search engine. Read what Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land said about these changes....

Dr. Richard Qian from Bing’s core search team wrote a blog post on the Bing Search blog named Bing Search Quality Insights: Reducing Junk. This is part of Bing’s ongoing effort to provide search quality insights on how Bing works.

Bing here explains how they handle removing bad links from the Bing search results, and also have they handle junky or empty snippets.

Junk links include:
Dead Links
Soft 404
Parked Domains
Junk or Empty Snippets include:

Junky Snippets
Empty Snippets

Dead link examples are pages that return a 4xx or 5xx error code is returned from an HTTP request for a page. There are times where there is a dead link in Bing and Bing isn’t aware of it because they have not crawled the web page since it returned a proper result. But Bing’s crawler does crawl often and is able to detect dead links fairly quickly. When Bing does detect a dead link, depending on their algorithms they may “boost its re-crawl priority and frequency” to see if the dead link was a temporary error and should return to the search results or not. Continue reading original post here

As you can see, these search engines aren't playing. Bing, along with Google, have to make it their business to make sure people find what they are looking for. This is their top priority. No body likes to type in something and get a dead page or a site full of ads and no hint of helpful content. This can be annoying and folks will hit backspace as soon as they see a site cluttered with junk. What is junk; banners, ads, links to cheesy make money programs, and links that link to nowhere or to bad neighborhoods. Bing and Google wants to provide the best results for their users and they can care less what webmasters and bloggers think, which is the way it should be.

So the focus should be on how to provide the best experiences for our readers and visitors first and less about trying to make a buck all the time. Sure making money is important, but the customer comes first. If you want your online business to thrive, try building it on a solid foundation by providing readers and visitors with solid content.

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