Market Your Affiliate Business Without Advertising

Every type of business need customers to be successful and advertising can be horribly expensive. To make an income without spending money and worrying about your competition you should market your affiliate business without advertising. Well in a sense you will still be advertising, but in ways where customers won't think you're advertising. In the long run, you will have the potential to make more affiliate sales and gain trust from your future prospects.

These are a few ways you can market your affiliate business without advertising.

Print out business cards.

You can easily do this if you have your own website. Pick out a great design with your information, which should include your website, email address, Skype, Facebook, and anything else you feel that is important.

Give away something for free. 

Now this is powerful. People like free stuff. This is the best method of advertisement. Most people don't even realize that this is a form of advertising. Big business do it all the time. Some give away coupons to get a free sandwich, they have their customers do surveys for a free drink, and sometimes you can find a gift card in a newspaper where you can go to a department store and get something for $10 or put it towards your purchase. See this is a win-win for the customer and the business because people love free.

What you can do is create a free report that is very helpful to entice them to purchase. Or put together a bonus package for your customers of very good quality. Make sure the bonus product you put together is related to the affiliate product you want to promote. This bonus can be a video, eBook, report, anything. You can even offer your time to the first 5-10 customers who make a purchase through you. This will create urgency. People will want to purchase a product through your affiliate link if your bonus is a banging one. Make your bonus be the best. You may even want to offer more than one bonus. This will make people confident to pull out their credit cards and make the purchase. You'll boost your affiliate sales and conversions will skyrocket. Giving away something for free can create a marketing buzz too.

You can go offline and give away something free too. You can go buy some cheap ink pens, get your website printed on the pens and give them away. You can use t-shirts also. T-shirts come in bundles and can be purchased at a discount. People will flock to you and get your shirt or pen just because it's free. Out of curiosity, people will visit your website and if the product happens to be something they can use, they just might buy it.

Give to your favorite charity.

Yes that is correct. When you let people know you want to give to your favorite charity, people may be more prone to by from you. For instance if you are an animal lover and you're promoting an eBook on how to train your dog, you can tell the customer, 25% of all the commissions you make will go to your favorite animal charity. There are a bunch of people who believe in animal rights and love dogs so they will want to purchase the book through your affiliate link because you are giving to a good cause. Plus this build trust. Just make sure you do as you say and give the set percentage to charity.  If you have a fan page on Facebook or if your website is popular and you receive a lot of visitors, this would be the chance to let people know. You will boost your income and you may be able to write it off on your taxes. (you'll have to check first).

Put Your Website On Your Vehicle.

If you decide to use the last tip and give away free stuff, put your website on the backside of your vehicle and let people know you are giving away stuff for free and visit your site for details. You can say free _____ with purchase of ______! Visit _______ for details. Keep it simple.

Make a professional name tag.

You can make a name tag with your name and business title. Plus a shirt with your business logo. This can prompt people to ask you questions and you can sell yourself. Just think if you are promoting how to make money online and you walk in a store and go through the line of a cashier who wants to make money in her own business. She may ask you how because she sees your professional name tag. You can share your website with her and if she likes what she see or hear from you, she may make a purchase through your affiliate link. You never know until you do it. Just wear your tag or shirt a couple times a week and go out and mingle with others. Or network with people in various places.

Go to a business expo.

Set up a booth at a business expo and explain your business to others. Yes this can work with affiliate marketing. If you are promoting a make money product, this is the best way to do it. You can even print out some free reports to give to people or direct them to your website. You can record your voice on a CD or a video on  a DVD with info and give it to the people. Also give away your free stuff at the expo.

These are creative ideas to get yourself out there. There are many other things you can do to promote your business, but you should make sure you include ways to market your affiliate business without the advertising. Implement these strategies in your affiliate business and see what happens.


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