How Buzz Marketing Can Increase Affiliate Sales

Buzz marketing is a great method you can use to boost your affiliate profits. When you generate buzz, you put yourself in a position to get your site seen, stir up conversation and the opportunity to make money.

Buzz marketing is a technique that is also referred to as viral marketing, or viral advertising. Basically, it is a method that is used to bring attention to a website or product by way of word of mouth, text messaging, YouTube videos, social networking sites and countless other ways. This type of marketing will rely heavily on how many people you can get to share it, how good the content is you are trying to promote and if the friends of your friends will share it.
See buzz or viral is something that has to be created. People like to share funny and crazy pictures and videos. They like sharing pictures of cute kittens. Humans are very social beings. Being social is a method of survival in many cases. We love it.

But how can you start using buzz or viral marketing in your affiliate marketing business?

Well I'm going to tell you. You need to have something awesome to share with others and something that they will be willing to share with their friends. Buzz does not last very long, so it is vital that you create the buzz right the first time. You can do this by creating a joke or a funny video. Even a picture that is very cute. You want whatever you use to be the next best thing. Something no one has ever seen before. It's got to be something that's on fire, amazing, captivating and compelling. Steve Goldner, told his clients to think like a movie producer when it come to creating buzz or viral marketing campaigns. As he said compelling shots and scenes from an up coming movie drums up excitement and the desire to see the film. This is what you want when you create your viral piece to get the traffic to stampede to your site.

One thing you don't want to do is make it like you're selling something or make it seem commercial. People will not share your content with family or friends if your content comes off as some type of a money making campaign. You'll end up destroying your buzz marketing efforts and once you screw up there is no turning back. This has to be done right the first time.

Now if you have a dag-um good product, I mean a very jazzy product you're about to launch and you know it will sell and you know you have targeted traffic, that would be the only time I would focus a viral campaign around a product. But it's got to be the absolute best. You really got to bring it and bring the best.

Use social media and word of mouth to get it flowing. Make sure you do that. If you can do this, your site will become popular, rankings will soar up, search engines will pay attention and send traffic your way, and eventually you'll get targeted traffic, which means an increase in your affiliate sales. Creating buzz will create the biggest affiliate income you could ever dream up for many years to come if you do it right.




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