6 SEO Secrets & Tips

Many people who get started in affiliate marketing learn after a short while that one of the keys to getting traffic and ranking higher in the search engines is knowing a little information on SEO secrets and tips. But the question I have for you today is, how important is SEO. If you are a reader of my blog many of you know that I recently wrote a blog on too much SEO.

Now I'm not saying SEO is not important, because it is, but worrying too much about learning the best SEO secrets and tips can lead to you not focusing on providing good quality content to your readers. Google may actually penalize you if your main focus is on using the best SEO secrets and tips.

I'm going to give you a few things you should focus on so that your site can rank higher and receive more traffic.

  1. Unique and good quality content. This is a must if you want the search engines to send you traffic. Google is going to focus more on sites that will provide this to their readers. If you can't do that people will not stay glue to your site and your site will be ranked really low.
  2. Include the keyword in your domain name. You want to use a domain with your keywords but you don't want it to just be your keywords alone. Example if your site is affiliate income you want to use something like affiliate income now or make affiliate profits fast. But then you don't want to crowd your site or blog with just keywords, including the one in your domain name, because you can get penalized by Google and the other search engines if you do. 
  3. Research keywords. This is important. You need to do research on which keywords are used from around the world. You can get ideas on multiple keywords by doing a search using the Google Keyword Tool. You type in the keywords and press enter and you will get many keywords. This is mainly a guide and should only be used as such. 
  4. Use long tailed keywords. You should definitely use these in your post on your blog or sites. An example: instead of saying Nike shoes, say Red Nike Running Shoes For Women. This way people will have a better chance of finding your site and spending money through you as well. You will not make money as quickly if you say just Nike shoes because you're not being specific enough. 
  5. Reduce clutter on your websites and blogs. You want to make sure people can search your sites with no problem and you don't want a whole bunch of ads cluttering your sites. People can get turned off if all they see are ads and not helpful valuable content. 
  6. Make sure you direct your visitors to highly imporant websites. Show your visitors they can trust you by link them to sites that provide information similar to yours. You want to be a giver not a taker and you need to share. If another site has more information that can help your readers, send them to other websites that have high quality content. There are many of them around. Even if it means you don't make a profit. Don't worry about making money all the time. It is not as important as providing your readers with helpful info. You will eventually make money. Your primary focus is to make sure you meet the needs of your audience. 
These are just some of the helpful SEO tips you can use to help you rank higher on search engines and get traffic. No, this post was not meant to show you how to optimize your website, html codes or use SEO tricks to boost your rankings. It's about providing pure discrete info to readers without polluting the web and wasting space on the search engine servers. 

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