Write A Guest Blog Post & Get Visitors

A free and effective way to get your blog noticed is writing a guest blog post. When you first start a new blog, you will not get much traffic to your blog in the beginning. It can take several months to years to start getting a steady flow of traffic. Many people start looking to be a guest and do a blog post on other peoples blogs that is receiving visitors. It is a potent way of getting your blog exposed and it is better than paying for an ad, and Google knows the difference between traffic that comes from paid sources and natural unpaid links.

If you are good at writing and like to write, you can be a guest on blogs. I'm going to give you a few tips on how to do it.

First you want to contact many bloggers that do allow guest posting. Make sure you look at their blog. Read it and subscribe to them. Be willing to follow their guidelines and rules. Some bloggers don't like giving new bloggers a chance so make sure you have been blogging for a while before you contact anyone and build your reputation and rank. And when you do contact fellow bloggers, be yourself. When you send them an email asking to be a guest blog poster, show them you are a trustworthy person and don't write your email as if it was an ad. Read their blogs guidelines please before emailing them. You don't want your email to suck. This is very important or you may not be taken seriously and you'll lose the opportunity to be a guest on their blog. 

If a blogger decides to let you write a guest blog post, make sure you write on something that will fit their blog. What I mean by that is you want your post to be on topic and in alignment with the content on their blog. If you're a guest blog poster on a weight loss blog, you may want to consider writing a post on how to gain muscles to boost weight loss efforts. Stay away from subjects that are too off topic. 

And when you write your blog post, make sure you write one that is very detailed and aim for post that are longer than 1000 words. The longer and more information the post provides, the better. It can be kinda hard to explain something or help others if the post is less than 500 words. Plus the owner of the blog may not want to include your post on their blog and link back to you. One of the main reasons why people guest blog post is to build back links to their blog but you have to provide good quality content on their blog. 

It is important that your guest blog post doesn't have any spelling errors or grammar issues. The best thing to do is pretend this is for your blog you're writing for. Is yours full of misspellings, does the post make sense and help others? 

Also once you finish the guest blog post, you're not really done. You'll have to interact with people who decide to leave comments. Answer questions and reply back everyone who leaves a comment. Treat this post as if it were on your blog. It is your duty as a blog poster to show good ethics. 

Follow these few important tips and you'll start to build back-links, get noticed, and gain exposure for your blog and gain a new audience who otherwise may not have known your blog exist.

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