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Many people start blogs and websites on a daily basis. Folks often get overwhelmed and tired of writing blog posts when they don't see traffic flowing in to their sites. If you fall into this massive group of people who struggles getting traffic, you need to be creative in getting visitors to visit you. I recently talked about how content curation can bring in tons of traffic, but there are other tips you can use as well. These tips are often overlooked and most affiliates don't even think about using them.


Here is a very good technique you can use from

Use the names of other bloggers in your blog posts – These days many bloggers set up Google Alerts. They receive an email Alert whenever their name shows up on blogs and on the Web.  What better way to bring to their attention your blog and an article you wrote mentioning them or an article they wrote?  Here’s a bonus tip: mention up-and-comers in the blogging world.  They often have the most interesting content on their blogs and they will appreciate the mention. If you only mention the most famous people like Pete Cashmore or Seth Godin, they get so many references daily (hundreds!) that they will probably miss your reference or won’t have time to visit your blog to check it out anyway. Read more good tips from this awesome writer here.

This tip is great. Bloggers and website owners love when their name is mentioned by other people and they love being credited. They are doing the same thing you're trying to do, attract more people. You gotta give a little to get a little. Always remember that.

Here are two great tips from John Chow's blog....

Trackback Links

Very few people talk about this, but it is quite effective. There are two advantages to focusing on generating trackback links. First, it requires you to link to other bloggers in your article, and this is healthy for your blog in the search engines. Search engines like it when people link back to other sites, since it is authoritative sites that usually do this. It means you can be trusted, and that you don’t only care about getting ranked.

The second advantage of linking back to other bloggers in your article is that it helps you score permanent links. Most bloggers display trackbacks on their blog, because it is a way to boost their ego and let everyone know that someone linked to them.

Trackback links won’t be deleted, they would always be given a priority by the bloggers that get them, and they are keyword rich since they contain your post title (this is a privilege ordinary comments won’t enjoy).

Linking back to other bloggers also helps them know you; it fosters a relationship between you and them, and increases your future chances of success. Link to other bloggers, there’s a lot of benefits for you in it!


eBook Distribution

If you search for education related keywords you will notice a lot of pdf files already indexed in the search engines. The fun thing is that if you try to read any one of those pdf files you will notice that those files actually have their own pagerank, which is often very high in most cases. In other words, if you could have 20 pagerank 4 ebooks linking back to your site with your desired keywords, you can imagine how much impact that will make.

Very few people write ebooks to build links, so this particular tactic is highly underutilized. Here’s your opportunity to capitalize on it.

Focus on writing quality ebooks, embed links back to your site in them, and try to market the heck out of them.  Read More Here

When you link back to other blogs, you build your brand and trust. This is what you want to do. Give viewers the best information and direct them to others useful sites. You don't want to be stingy and by not linking to others, you only hurt yourself.  I just recently talked about how content curation can attract more readers. If you use content curation in conjunction with these tips, you will create a long-term stream of traffic for years to come.

Also if you use the tip where you distribute eBooks, you can actually use content curation in the eBook that is indexed in Google with your links in your book and link to other sites with higher ranks. Google will associate you with the big dogs. People will be at your site and the if the eBook is interesting, they will stay on your site for a while. Google takes the amount of time someone spends on your site into consideration. It's like a positive vote for your site. You want visitors to stay glued to your content and you want them to visit other links through you.

Many affiliate marketers don't use these types of tips and if you do, this will be to your advantage. Too many affiliates only focus on promoting and selling, this is a very big mistake. They will never make money trying to "sell" someone else's product, that's the vendor's job not the affiliate's. The affiliates job is to follow the tips presented through this blog and the high authority blogs that belong to the big timers. I link to blogs and sites with helpful information and as an affiliate, it is up to you to follow the info. You should focus on providing advice and recommending a product, not selling it. If you show your audience that they can trust you, they will be more likely to buy the product through you if it is something they can use.

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