Use Social Proof Marketing To Drive Affiliate Sales

In order to drive more affiliate sales, you have to show proof the product works. As I said in previous posts, you have to build trust to make sales in affiliate marketing. This is one of the best ways to do it. Buying the product and using it helps you to promote it better and it will come from the heart. People will know if you've actually tried the product because they will see your enthusiasm and how excited you are about this great product.

Show people people you've used the techniques. You don't have to giveaway all the details, just show them the basics. People want to know if the product is going to work for them and they want to know that you are not just trying to make a fast buck. Your heart has to be in it and willing to help people.

How can you show proof? By writing honest reviews, and include a video of yourself using the product. Don't write a review like your doing a research paper for your 7th grade class. Write the review and tell the prospects how this product helped you in your own projects. For example, if you are a woman who lost pregnancy pounds using an eBook, you could video tape your results and show them to other women who is trying to do the same thing. Provide update videos on your progress and recommend the eBook to others. Start a blog and embed a video of yourself in your website. Show pictures and videos of you and your child. People want to see that this product is working for others. They don't want some fake review posted by a none caring affiliate who just want to make sales.

Be precise, answer questions, provide tips, and show pictures in your video of your results. Videos don't lie, so people will trust you and they will buy the product.  Social proof marketing is the way to drive affiliate sales

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