Is Money Evil?

Let me ask you a question......How do you feel about money? Do you think it is evil? Do you feel that the rich are all evil stubborn people? If this is how you feel, then you may be holding yourself back from making money regardless the business you are in or the job you work. See money is important and to be honest not having money can be the very cause of evil.      

                                                                                                                Now here's why I say that; how many times do you turn on the news and hear that someone robbed a bank or stole something? When people don't have money and bills and rent is due, some people go to extreme measures to get a few bucks, even if it means doing something illegal or stealing it. With that being said we have to change the way we think about money. Yeah there are some rich folks who are evil, but not every rich person is evil because they have money.

We are usually taught that money isn't everything. Well you are going to be shocked at what I have to say, it is everything. You need it to survive, you need it to put gas in your car to get back and forth to work, you need it to feed your children and yourself, you need money to see a doctor when you are sick, you need it for everything. Without money, you will have a hard time surviving. But we are taught it isn't everything. If it money wasn't everything why do some people steal it or rob banks to get it? Why do they do something illegal to get it?

Another problem: people think they have to attend college to be successful. If that were so true, why do people graduate and still don't find jobs in their fields or find a job at all? Then many people want money but don't want to learn what it takes to obtain it. Many people who are rich don't have an education at the best and high expensive universities in the world. As a matter of fact the reason why education is the biggest industry in the universe is because people think they need an education to get rich or live the good life. Colleges and universities are a business and really nothing more and you're not guaranteed a job once you leave the place.

From the time we are young to early adulthood, we were conditioned by our families, teachers, an others in our lives to go to school, get an education, get a job, and make good money. So to a certain degree we are taught to get in debt and were not really told how to get out of it. The majority of people aren't even taught basic life skills such as how to balance a check book or manage money. The majority of educational establishments don't teach you how to interview for a job or how to run a business. You have to basically learn that on your own after you've paid thousands of dollars to go to college.

So the first thing we need to do is change our thinking if we ever want to make money. If money is not truly welcome somewhere it either won't stay long or want come at all. So if you think negatively about money, you may never get it.

With that being said I want to share what these two authors, Wanda and Paula, wrote on their blog about money and it is very interesting what they had to say.......

A good majority of us are brought up to believe that either money is evil or that you have to work hard to get it…or both! If you were brought up in a lower or middle class environment then that is probably what you were taught.

I was brought up in a middle class environment although it started out more at the lower end of the scale. And although I wasn’t brought up by my parents to believe money was evil, I was brought up to believe that you had to work hard to get it. And then of course TV reinforced that only those evil, nasty, greedy people have money. So for quite a period in my life, I wasn’t really favorable towards the rich.

It wasn’t until many years later that I had a major turnaround. This came about through a mix of self-improvement authors and speakers until I realized that my thinking was affecting my ability to make money. If I thought the rich were evil then how could I ever be rich? I didn’t want to be evil so I couldn’t never make much money. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Continue reading here------> It's Just All About The Money

So you see what I mean. What we believe can many times be based on what we were taught growing up and what was instilled in us. Half the time we don't know why we believe what we believe, do the things we do, why we are either Democratic or Republican, or even down to why we celebrate the holidays we do. We are too busy trying to please other people instead of doing what makes us happy, making the best decisions, or even doing what is right. But this is definitely something to think about. I hope no one takes offense or get mad because I think this post will help a lot of people realize things.

I also want to share something else with you. I recommend that you read this article called "21 Ways Rich People Think Differently". This article is most certainly an eye opener. You can read the article through this link ------> 21 Ways Rich People Think Differently

I really hope this blog post help you to think differently about money. Money is not evil, it's all how you look at it. But there are some rich evil people and some poor evil people, just like there are nice rich and poor people. Just like a weapon only harms people if it is in a person's hand who seeks to harm an individual, a car can be looked at as good and bad, the internet can be looked at as a gift and a curse, the same goes for money and everything else that is a material or an object.


  1. No i don't think that money is evil.My personal opinion is It could be possible money doesn't gives you happiness but it makes our easy to live.Thanks for share very good article about money.
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    1. Thank you for your comment and thanks for reading. I agree with your comment

  2. No i don't think money is evil.You explain about money very nicely if you make money your work it doesn't evil.For making money online at home affiliate marketing is best way and people not feel it's evil.

  3. how much more time do you spend at work rather than with your loved ones?

  4. Average people think MONEY is the root of all evil. Rich people believe POVERTY is the root of all evil.