What Do Dogs And Blog Titles Have In Common?

I know you are probably thinking "what in the world do dogs and blog titles have in common?" You probably are also thinking they have nothing in common. Now dogs and blog titles do have something in common, they know how to get attention. But that is only possible if your blog title is attractive, eye catching, engaging, amazing, mind boggling, intriguing, and stirs curiosity. This is exactly what I did with my title. If you are reading this, more than likely you are reading this because my blog title made you curious.

If you want more attention to your blog, want more clicks, and more views, you have to create a blog title that gets attention. Fido gets your attention in different ways. For example, if your dog wants you to play with him, he will bring his toy to you. He will also bark or lick your face for attention. Fido doesn't have to do much for attention because he knows what to do and how to do it. Dogs will whine, cry, or bark if you leave them or if you put them in the kennel.

Dogs and blog titles have another thing in common, trust. In order to get a dog to be comfortable around you, you have to build trust. If you want more visitors to your blog, your blog title has to build trust. For example, when you create a blog title, make sure the post explains what the blog title is about. If you write a post and it doesn't match you title, you'll lose the trust of your viewers. The blog title should be related to what you are going to talk about in the post, not just a title created to get clicks.

You need to also feed your dog good food they will eat and you have to feed your readers. Once your reader clicks on your blog title, you have to keep your readers' attention with juicy, sexy, and enticing information.


Curiosity is a very powerful tool that is often used in marketing. You see it on the Television,  internet, in the newspaper, you even hear it on the radio. When you stir up curiosity by creating a blog title that leaves your readers hanging, you will most certainly get clicks. This method can be used in articles, emails, ads, and when you are selling your own products on your product page.

When you look at a newspaper, magazine, or online, you are going to choose to read the story where the headline either made you curious or immediately grabbed your attention and you will be compelled to read the whole thing. When you check your email, the same thing is going to happen. You are going to click and read the email where the subject line made you want to read more. If you have one email that says, "how this font can affect your search rankings and sales" and another that says, "increase sales using your iphone", which would you open first? You get my point? You must create blog titles that will stir curiosity and even emotion.

Next time you are having a hard time coming up with a blog title, just remember the times you've opened emails, read magazines, searched the web, and watched TV and ask yourself what made you read a story or click an ad. You can get good ideas by doing this.

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  1. Thanks!
    First photo "curious or immediately grabbed your attention" as you wrote above,
    at first time even shocked me slightly:)

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