CashCrate Brutal Truth

CashCrate Pros And Cons Review 

CashCrate is a program that pays it’s members cash to complete offers, do surveys, watch videos, shop, task, and sign up for trial offers. CashCrate also offers an excellent affiliate program that will pay you 20% of all earnings your referrals make and 10% of what their referral make off of completing all offers and task. As you go to the higher levels, you can earn more as an affiliate from your referrals. The site does pay its members so it is legit, which I have proof of that. On the other hand, I feel there are some things you need to know that will help you decide if you want to join or not. All of these things are things I've experienced while using CashCrate.

In my blog post I talk mostly about affiliate marketing and I also talk about other ways to make money, an example of that is writing for Amazon. I feel that I should share this information, so I’m going to start with the bad then tell you about the good. Plus I will make suggestions on what you should do if you decide CashCrate is for you.

The Bad

As I mentioned already, CashCrate does pay and I joined the program on November 19, 2012. I received my first paycheck of $60.52. $1.62 came from surveys, $2.10 came from referrals, $10.02 came from bonuses, and $46.80 came from offers. I know this does not sound like a lot of money as most people who are members of CashCrate report they make several hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. I’m not saying it’s false because on their payment wall some people post decent sized checks. But it’s the work you have to put into this program to get that amount of money, and you’re definitely not gonna make that kind of money by just completing offers and doing surveys and that goes for any programs that are related and similar to CashCrate.

Most people make that amount of money by referring others. But at the same time, they have to complete the offers and the offer has to get approved and counted as being done correctly before money is added to their accounts. So you will have to refer a lot of people to ensure that you may make a good income. You only get paid from your referrals if they get paid. After they make their first $10 bucks, CashCrate will give you a three dollar bonus. In this post I will show you the proof that money can be made, but you need to know it is easier said than done and most people will just show you the proof and talk about the good without telling you the whole story about the cons.

One thing that does suck about CashCrate is you need to make sure you have a very good anti virus protection in place. Sometimes the site can be a little buggy and this can slow your computer down. I’ve experienced a slower running computer since I started using the site. Plus you have to make sure you clear your cookies to better your odds of getting your offers approved. Cookies are placed on your computer by the partners of CashCrate which can also slow your computer down.

You also have to worry about answering questions for surveys you don’t qualify for even though they say you qualify. I've had this happen quite a few times. I would spend five minutes on the site answering questions and I’m either told I don’t qualify, they've reached the number of people they need for the survey, or people that fit my description or answer the questions in a similar matter has already taken the survey, so basically they don’t need your responses. You have to almost be on the site every time new surveys are posted to better your odds of being accepted, but even then you still may not get to take it.

While you don’t need to have a credit or debit card to make money on Cashcrate, a majority of the offers on the site require that you have one. The offers that pay the most are the ones where you need a card. Plus the companies are really gearing towards people who don’t mind spending money and are interested in buying their products.

See I've made most of my money on doing trail offers and signing up for other survey panels. The trail offers is offers that you sign up for and try it out for free without the company charging your card for 5, 7, 14, or 30 days. You would have to cancel in that length of time for them not to charge your card. But some will threaten to revoke your earnings if you don’t stay long enough or if you cancel your order in the first few days. If you don’t have a credit or debit card, most don’t except prepaid cards, you can’t earn anything doing cash offers and free trails, or even to shop. So the only ways to make money will be the surveys, signing up to receive emails from other companies, watching the videos, and referring others who successfully complete their offers.

CashCrate also have the free offers where you sign up to enter their sweepstakes and along the path you are asked if you want to join sites or complete other offers other companies are offering. Sometimes these sites can bog your computer down.

But the other bad thing I don’t care for is they will tell you to participate in the offer to win money, ipads, jerseys, gift cards, computers, or iphones but to be credited in most cases you have to participate in two or three other offers at the end of the path which require a credit or debit card. I’ve click on this type of offer several times and they would say your entry has been accepted and put the offers up below it. Plus it would mostly say in order to qualify for the prize you have to complete a few of the offers at the end.

I also don’t care for the fact that these offers will have the button to skip in different areas throughout the path. Sometimes it’s in an area where you can see it and some times it’s a small button you can barley see. I think they hope you give up so you can’t be credited or they hope you cave in and purchase their product or offer.

But once these types of offers (win an iphone, gift card etc), get your information and take you to these offers to either skip or sign up and you click out, they still have your information. They will have their third party partners contact you anyway and you don’t even get the credit from CashCrate for trying the offer so they gotcha.

Considering all of these cons can make one say no it’s not worth the time and to a certain extent they would be absolutely correct. I feel the same at times.

Plus you have to consider if you are a member of programs similar to CashCrate the offers are mostly the same. To get credited you have to be a first time member. So if you are a member of Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars and you tried an offer with them, you can’t sign up for that offer with CashCrate because you tried that offer with Swagbucks. And trying to use a different email may not work especially if you need to use a credit card and because of the cookies that are placed on your computers.

Beware also that you may complete offers that will continue to be in the pending status. This can be due to the offer not being completed to their standards or sometimes the company hasn't paid CashCrate yet, especially when it comes to downloading games and other things. In my opinion they don’t pay you enough to download games or downloading anything else.
That’s my two cents, or maybe 75 Cents on the bad (the cons of using CashCrate).

The Good

While CashCrate has their bad there are some good. The site does pay you monthly and the cash out amount is $20. So that’s not too bad. Plus CashCrate has 5 levels and each time you get to a certain level, you will earn more off of referrals and the option to get paid weekly and paid direct deposit. But to get to level five you will need 500 active referrals, level 4 you’ll need 300 referrals, level three you need 150 active referrals, and level two you need 50 active referrals. So there is some hard work that is involved. But the good thing is if you can get this many referrals to sign up you won’t have to worry so much about doing offers yourself, you’ll earn a good income from your referrals and their referrals.

In my opinion getting referrals will be the best way to make a steady income. But you will have to continue to referral people. The best way to do that is to share your honest experience with others. Don’t try to hype it up to make people sign up.

Your mind should be on helping people not trying to make a buck. I’m an affiliate and member of CashCrate but I want to help people make the right decision for them. Plus I want people to know the good and the bad that I've experienced so they can know that to expect and be able to make a good decision. Honestly there are only so many offers one can complete but you can do the daily surveys and make 50, 75, or 80 cents per survey if you qualify.

My suggestions is to stay away from game downloads, entries to win prizes and offers that don't really pay much for what you have to do. Example if you're getting only 20 or 30 cents and you have to buy something or download an app, I wouldn't do it. Plus you may want to get an email specifically for cash offer programs like CashCrate. I suggest this because if you do happen to sign up for jokes, sweepstakes entries, and to receive daily or weekly emails, you will crowd up your main email and may miss something important (this has happened to me). Plus you want to stay away from offers that ask for your cell phone number and want you to confirm it by sending you a text. You'll get to many messages plus unwanted charges to your bill. 

And my best advice is to sign up referrals. Treat this as you would any other affiliate program; show proof, give advice, and answer questions. And if you are already a member of CashCrate and you are struggling try these tips and you will see improvement. Plus read my other blog post on affiliate marketing.  My blog has incredible information that will help you. 

If you want to learn more about CashCrate or you want to sign up view my proof first and click on this link: CashCrate

Now My Proof 

Here is a picture of my check and screen shots of my earnings. I didn't hit the jackpot but this 60 dollars did help me to get extra food for my family. 

Below are a few pictures and screenshots of my earnings


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