Do Longer Blog Post Get Higher Rankings?

In a post I did a while back I told you that Google cares about what grandma wants. Well more and more each day that holds true, and the more content your sites or blogs have, the more visitors Google will send to your sites and the better your chances of getting higher rankings and people linking to your sites and blogs.

Google prefers to give sites that have the most content the higher rankings. On social media sites people tend to tweet and share longer blog post. Neil Patel talks about how important content is in his blog post. Here is just part of what Neil had to say below about how important content is….
I took the 327 blog posts I have written on Quick Sprout and broke them down into 2 buckets. The first bucket contained blog posts that were less than 1500 words and second contained posts that were greater than 1500 words. I then analyzed how many tweets and how many Facebook likes each post got.
Posts that were under 1500 on average received 174.6 tweets and 59.3 Facebook likes. Posts that were over 1500 words on average received 293.5 tweets and 72.7 Facebook likes. Continue Reading Neil Patel’s post here----à  How Content Length Affects Rankings and Conversions

As you can see longer blog post got more attention than the shorter ones. As Bill Gates said in 1996, content is king and it is so important to take your time and write longer blog post. I think this will always remain true. If you have a website you need to always add content to your site so that you increase your chances of ranking higher and getting your blog post liked, tweeted, shared, re-tweeted, and re-posted. When your posts are shared Google will take notice and start ranking your higher.

Also the quality of the content is important as I said in previous post Google puts searchers over site and blog owners, which means Google will continue to give searchers what they want. Blog post that contains more detailed information is what people are looking for and if you can provide this information to others, people will stay on your post longer.

Plus Google will analyze your blog post and send more traffic, you'll get more trust, which will then increase your income. In affiliate marketing this is even more important because you want people to trust your judgement when you recommend a product or service. So try it and see what longer blog post can do for your blog rankings.

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