Url Shorteners Causes Email Marketing Campaigns To Be Blocked!

One of the best ways to promote an affiliate product is through email marketing campaigns.  But if you are using url shorteners, you are taking the risk of everyone on your list not receiving your emails. Affiliate marketers have been using url shorteners for years to take a long ugly link and turn it in to a shorter link. But affiliate and internet marketers are not the only ones that use link shorteners, spammers and scam artists do too.

See scammers and spammers want to remain anonymous and they don’t want people to know who they are so they abuse link shorteners.  They don’t want people to know their actual websites either. This is bad because in affiliate marketing or any business you have to build trust. When you have the bad guys using url shorteners to email people from fake emails addresses, doubt starts to form in everybody’s mind including the people you are sending your email campaigns to.

Email providers are now blocking emails that use these services to shorten the links to prevent scammers from sending unwanted emails. In this attempt, they are also blocking your emails which mean your subscribers are not getting the emails.

I’ve had folks send me junk mail with links in them and the links go to crazy websites which can harm your computer if you’re not careful. People know this and won’t even click on the link if they are not sure what website it goes to anyway.

The best way to solve this problem is to send emails in HTML version instead of plain text only. Or you can just put the link to your site so people will know where it is going. Trust is the key to any business anyway so let people know where the link goes. The best thing you can do for your business is to stop using url shorteners for your email campaigns and better your chances of converting your subscribers to buyers.


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