31% Of Website Traffic Can Harm Your Business

If you are wondering why your traffic may not be converting into sales it could be because 31% of your website traffic is non-human, which can be dangerous to your business. Incapsula, a cloud based security firm, did a study on 1000 websites to find this out. So what could it be, bots that steal customer information such as credit cards and email addresses.  It can also cause your website to crash.

If you rely on Google analytics, you may be missing the dangerous non human website traffic.

Not only can this be damaging to your business, but it can cause you to have a bad reputation and rank lower in the search engines.

Some of the ways you can prevent this from happening is to avoid buying website traffic. Most sources of website traffic come from bots or automated software to make it appear that you have visitors when in actuality it is fake traffic. If Google sees this, and they will, you will rank lower or even be unindexed. Also if someone was to hack into your website, you could lose trust from your audience or loyal visitors. And if you allow comments, you should always check to make sure people are not spamming your comments box by promoting their products. This can be in the form of humans and bots. Also competition can use software to spam your comments box.

This is truly something you should watch out for if you want a successful affiliate marketing business.     


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