Article Marketing Tips

Many affiliate marketers use article marketing to drive free traffic to their campaigns. Article marketing is also used as an only source of traffic for some internet marketers because of lack of money for advertising.  It’s a great way to get free listings in all search engines, including Google.  Any one who is serious about affiliate marketing should be using article marketing and getting this free traffic.

Now don’t get scared and think “well I’m not a good writer". You don’t have to be an excellent writer or even a writer at all. If you can write an email, you can write articles. It’s simple and with practice you can write one in as little as 15 minutes and you can write several in a week.

How to Write Articles

Before starting out writing articles, you want to find keywords related to the product you are promoting. You don’t want to write an article without including keywords because no one will find you article. You want to get listed in the search engines and you need good keywords to get listed. Keywords are words that are typed in search engines so people can find what they are looking for. You can go to Google and use the Google Adword Keyword Tool to help you find keywords that people use often.  

When performing your research using the keyword tool, you will find the number of searches, which is the amount of times people search a particular keyword. If a lot of people search for that keyword or phrase, you definitely want to pick that keyword. After that you will search out the competition. To do this you will need to click on the advanced options and filters. Go to where it says filter ideas and click on low competition and click search. This will give you results on low competition keywords. You want to choose low competition keywords because you will get a better chance of being rank in search engines for those keywords.

One you have a good set of low competition keywords to use for the product you are promoting you want to create an attention grabbing title. This is the very first thing people will see. You want the title to have your keywords in it. For example I wrote an article about fat loss, it was my keyword, so I titled one of my articles “Why Am I Fat? How Your Daily “actions” May Be Preventing Fat Loss”. It is a sort of catchy title with my chosen keyword. People will find your article when you include the keyword in the title. This is very important. Also you want to use your keywords throughout your article body while writing interesting and quality content. Don’t put to many keywords in your article. You article want make since and search engines will not list your article in the results. Also many directories will not accept your article if it is stuffed with keywords. Don’t go over 3% keyword density. This is very important.  You can check your keyword percentage at this site Keyword Density Tool.  Please make sure your article is helpful and interesting. Don’t offer your readers garbage or you will lose them.

Once you have your article written, you can submit it to the article directory. You need to make sure you follow their rules. Most article directories will not let you put affiliate links in the resource box. You will need to put your website or blog in the resource box. If you have not already done so build a website or blog. If you have no funds to build a website, I would advise you to blog or a free website such as weebly. Then put your affiliate link on there. You need to call action in the resource box by either offering something for free that has value or offer great helpful content on your site or blog. 


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