Disadvantages Of Using Affiliate Marketing Tools

Many vendors provide their affiliates with marketing tools to use in their promotions. But can these tools hurt your business?

You will read all over the internet people saying use affiliate marketing tools. They will tell you these tools help affiliates to make money online. But what about the articles, emails and the reviews some programs provide their affiliates. Should an affiliate use these tools?

The first step you should take to building a great foundation for your business is to build trust and honesty. Most affiliates want to get their links and plaster them all over the internet thinking they are going to get clicks in an instant. They use all of the promo tools without thinking about one thing, how many other affiliates are using the same tools?

The affiliate marketing tools that vendors provide are used by all of their affiliates. It could be thousands of affiliates using the same tools as you. That means if you use the articles, pre written emails, and product reviews, you risk damaging your business and your reputation. People see through this and they will know if you are real or fake and if you use these same tools as the other affiliates they will think you’re just trying to make a buck, not really care for them, and they will not trust you.

When building your foundation in your affiliate marketing business, you need to be unique. Don’t be like everyone else who uses fake reviews or emails claiming to have made $10,000 in an hour. Furthermore, I don’t recommend writing a review on a product you never used. You should never claim you used a product when you didn’t. There are thousands of people daily who do this and people reading it know the reviews are fake.

If you decide to use pre written articles, you should reword the articles and add some uniqueness to them. First off article directories will not let you submit duplicate content that’s posted somewhere else on the web and most people used these articles on their websites anyway. The articles lose value. Make sure you reword every article that you use and make sure you offer value to your readers. Your focus should be to offer help not making a buck. You get what you put in when it comes to this business. The more you give the more you’ll get in the long run.

When it comes to prewritten emails, you want to reword them or even write your own. Put you own flavor in your emails. Don’t make false claims and promises. There is no product or program around that can guarantee that anyone will make money, not even the top products on the market. Also you don’t know if some of your subscribers are receiving emails from other affiliates who may be using the same prewritten emails and promoting the same products as you are. This can happen and you will lose subscribers this way because they will lose trust in you. 

As far as graphics, banners, and ads you can use these but with caution. You don’t want to use ads that have false claims like “make $40,000 in a month”. The best ads to write are ones that capture the attention of prospects and ads that will make someone want to click it without all the hype. In my opinion, I think people should use article marketing to promote because affiliate marketing is really about helping people, then success will come your way.  

Don’t be like the average affiliate. When you do things your way and are creative and helpful, people will want to know what you offer and they will want more from you. This should be what you are aiming for. 


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