In Need Of Motivation: How An Armless Colombian Man Repairs Electronics

Are you in need of motivation in creating an affiliate revenue? Or are you in need of motivation in life in general? This story will definitely inspire you to continue on.

A guy from Colombia fixes cells and other electronics with his feet. Even though he has a disability and is armless, he still manages to work hard to succeed in life. He doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for him. This heart felt story should inspire you to want to keep making an income in affiliate marketing, or accomplish any of the desires of your heart. You should always want to strive to follow your dreams. This armless man didn’t let his disability stop him, so we shouldn't let anything stop us.

A woman by the name of Aimee Mullins accomplished her dreams of being a high fashion model and athlete despite not having any legs. She said her prosthetic legs are a source of strength and not her disability.

My advice to you would be to keep on going after making an affiliate income and all of your other desires.  Watch these videos of these two amazing humans and others including a one legged & armless orphan who was adopted by a Canadian family who is living without limits by clicking the link below and visit my hub.

An Armless Colombian Man Repairs Electronics

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