Join Forces With Your Competition & Make An Affiliate Income

When you start a business in affiliate marketing, you will have other affiliates promoting products in the same niche you are which makes them your competition. While most affiliates are trying to beat their competition, very few join forces which create a win-win situation.

If a few affiliates can get in agreement and create a free helpful money making report, all of them will benefit from it. What you do is put an ad out to look for other affiliates in the same niche as yourself. You can also search forums, visit blogs, and other marketers’ websites. Contact them asking them to join you in creating a report that they can send to their list of subscribers.  When the report is created, all affiliates should promote it.

The way this will make money for all affiliates would be to put your links in the report. All affiliates involved can agree to put a couple of links in the report. If the report is long, more links can be used. But if it is shorter only a few links should be put in it. Affiliates need to allow their subscribers to share the report with others. When this happens, you spread the word about your business and it will create a higher response and this will have a great impact on your affiliate income.

There are so many other creative ways to make money with your competition. You all can advertise on each others websites, blogs, and ebooks. If you all have your own individual reports you can combine them together into a big package and offer it for sale or distribute them for free. The possibilities are endless.

Another idea that will work for all affiliates involved would be to have conference calls and invite subscribers in on the call. The whole point I am making here is to work together instead of against one another and create a huge income. You gain a better opportunity to get your business noticed and you gain other subscribers that you may not have otherwise gotten on your own.


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