ClickBank's New Color Coded Risk Tiers

ClickBank will be using the new color coded risk management tiers to determine the status of everyone's account and this does include affiliates. Clickbank wants to ensure that customers are happy with purchases and they want to make sure vendors are selling high quality products. This will take effect in January of 2013.  How does this affect you? Well it is all about choosing the right products to promote and in many cases old methods of choosing products can put your account at risk. It is definitely more important to pick the right products because you want to keep a good reputation and you want to keep your ClickBank account in good standing.

What are some ways you can do finding a good product and putting in more research. I've mention before that you want to stay away from overly hype products, especially ones that don't live up to what is promised. One way of doing this is finding out what is missing in the market and what people actually need. You also want to make sure you are not over hyping the product in any of your promotions.  Doing so can cause refunds and charge-backs and this can cause your account to be placed in the high risk category.

You don't want all of your hard work to go down the tubes if your account loses points because if you get down to a zero your account can be at risk for termination. Accounts considered unacceptable will lose 2 points a day. So you have to take responsibility as an affiliate to make sure you are choosing good quality products to promote. Quality is so important as I talked about in a previous post.

Now lets talk about some affiliate strategies you can use:

Discuss a problem that you want to help your audience fix and then provide the solution. You know affiliate marketing involves more than just promoting an affiliate link. You should be talking about the problem. You need to become an expert in your niche and create a video or a blog post that talks about the situation. You need to provide tips and tell them how they can fix their problem. You should also consider purchasing the product to make sure it provides the solution before you recommend it. This is your business and if you don't take care of it, you lose it.  It's that simple. And if your account gets terminated all work is gone down the drain. It's like throwing away money. When you give good tips on how to fix a problem most people are experiencing then you can provide the product which will be the solution. This will help you to cut down the chances of getting a refund or a charge-back.

You need to tell your audience how they will benefit from using the product. Telling them how they will benefit will make them want to continue using the product. This is what you want to look for when searching for a product to promote, good benefits. You can easily do this by reading reviews that others wrote about the product. If the reviews are mostly bad, you may want to stay away from promoting it. Also you want to be careful with the reviews, if they are too hyped up, it's probably a fake review used to generate sales. That's why it is best that you try the product for yourself; it will help you promote it better. If you don't, you are putting  your reputation on the line and your ClickBank account in danger of being put in a high risk category. If you cannot buy the product, email the vendor and ask him or her for a review copy. It's worth the try. And if you are a good affiliate he or she may give you a copy if you can show them you can generate sales or show proof that you did it in the past with another product. If  you have to pay for the copy consider it an investment for your business. It is an investment because if a vendor's account is terminated from having zero points, your hard work will be for nothing and all the traffic you send to that product will result in all potential income lost.

You don't have to look at ClickBank's new color coded risk tier as a bad thing because it can actually be good. It can help you as an affiliate pick out the best products to promote that have a low refund/charge-back rate. I know it seems unfair that an affiliate has to suffer because of dishonest vendors or vendors with poor products, and it is, but affiliates do have a responsibility. We have to make sure we are doing our research and that we offer our readers, subscribers, audience, and customers with high quality products. We can't just go after a product that is paying high commissions with a webpage that has a bunch of colorful words full of hype because it seems appealing or look pretty. ClickBank knows this and that's why they are cracking down, so the time to make changes for the better is now, not later or next week because January will be here before you know it. Visit this page to see ClickBank's new policy.

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