Avoid Preselling On Your Squeeze Page

Affiliate marketing is becoming a more challenging business to get started with all of the panda updates and changes in the search engines. This means it will become more difficult to build natural traffic to your websites. This doesn't mean it is impossible; but you will have to work a little harder to work around these changes.

One way of attracting more visitors and subscribers to your page is to create squeeze pages that are rich with content and take the focus off of preselling completely; don't even do a little preselling. People are becoming more and more aware that affiliates are trying to make a buck so don't even do the preselling on your squeeze pages and avoid them on the main pages of your website. If you want to attract visitors, make sure your squeeze page offers a valuable report and make sure your report has your blog or web address so you can send them back to your website or blog. As you know, people are looking for information not to spend money and that's cool. See the more people visit your site, Google will take notice and you will be rewarded with more visitors.

Your report need to be about something that is really hot and sizzling now. For example, people need methods and want to learn how to successfully publish with kindle. If your blog is about self publishing perhaps you report can be related to the subject of publishing for Amazon kindle and making money selling and writing booklets.

Not preselling may go against what you learnt in the past but this is mainly for the squeeze page. You don't want to run visitors off because they see a preselling method 50 miles away on the page.

Now when you send emails to your subscribers your autoresponder need to have all high quality content; but when you want to make a product recommendation, I advise you to send out a content filled e-newsletter 2 times a month and recommend your products in that newsletter.

You should do this in addition to sending out your helpful emails. Most of your emails should contain the URL to your blog posts. I advise this because Google will take notice that people are visiting your site from your email and since a majority of people use gmail, Google will see this and you will start to show up in the search engines. And when you do recommend a product, don't just say click here for more information; give them a reason to click your link. Ask them if they are tired of their problem and tell them the solution the product provides, then tell them click the link to get the secrets.

Always remember that the trust you build with your visitors and subscribers will make them more likely buy a product from you and they will, in most cases, turn into repeat buyers. Don't worry if they don't buy from you now because it is later that matters the most.

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