How To Write For Kindle

Amazon is a great place for authors, internet marketers, affiliate marketers, or anyone who has knowledge about a specific subject to make money online. Amazon offers plenty of income opportunities. I recently did a post on using KDP select to increase traffic to your website and I talk a little about how to create a short report to put on the Amazon website. Before you decide to self publish to kindle, you need to know how to write a kindle book. I will explain how you can do this in three simple steps.

-Pick a Profitable Niche & Research

This step is very important. You want to make absolutely sure you pick a money making niche. Picking a profitable niche involves a few moments of research because you need to give people what they want. If you are an affiliate this can come easy for you because you should already have an idea what people want. And you will perform your research much like you would do for affiliate marketing. If you are used to writing short reports to give away to your subscribers list, you could write the short reports and sell them on Amazon KDP. Just put a link to your website in your kindle eBook. You can use Google to find a niche and you can also use Amazon to see which categories sell the most books. You can also use others book selling platforms (websites) to find niches that make money by doing the same thing. Check out the book How To Find A Profitable Niche For Amazon Kindle Publishing which explains exactly how to choose a money making niche for publishing eBooks on Amazon.

-Create Content

The next step you need to do is create the content from the research you preformed. To do this you should create an outline of how you want to write your book. You need to include a compelling introduction and a table of contents. When publishing on Amazon, people will get a chance to see inside your book before you buy it so it is very important you impress your viewers and they will be more prone to buy your book. You also need to create a compelling title with keywords so that your title will show up in the search engines. If you are not a good writer you can always hire someone to do it for you for cheap. Simply put out an ad or contact someone you may know who love to write. You can also find a private label rights (PLR) book for the subject you choose. Just make sure you add research to it and change up the information to make it your own. You also don't want to publish the book as is because this is not allowed on Amazon.

-Create Your Book Cover

If you know how to draw, you can simply draw a picture to use for your book cover and scan it on your computer. You can also use Paint on your computer to draw on there if you're good at it. You can also take a picture with a good camera and use it for your cover or find a picture from a picture website (royalty free image). Your book cover need to be compelling and eye catching. Once you find or create your picture, go to a site where you can add text to your picture or drawing. There is a site called Picfont and you can upload your picture and put the title of your kindle book on your picture.

As you can see it is not that hard to write for kindle. Writing for kindle takes a little research, quality content creation, and producing a good book cover. Now you can publish your book on .


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  2. Great information you have here. If you are writing books and want to use the digital arena to sale and get money, then Kindle is the best choice. No matter if you don't know the whole process of writing and selling e-Books on Kindle. The only thing you need is writing skill.

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