Google Plus Circles & Hangouts For Business

As you already know, communication is the key to a successful business and Google Plus can help you to communicate with your customers and other people. Two great ways to communicate with your customers is by using the Google Plus Circles and Hangouts features. With the Google Plus Circles, you can organize people in one or many circles. For example, one circle can be for your customers and you can have other circles for your friends, family, and business associates. If you want to, you can send just your customers a message on updates for products and anything else you need to tell them without everyone else receiving the message. Circles are convenient and it saves you time and money.

Google Plus Hangouts is also a great way to communicate with customers and business associates. You can use video to do a live presentation of how to use a new product, you can use this feature for free training, conference calls, and webinars. You will gain more trust from others because they will be able to see and communicate with you and you can answer any questions live.  It is a great way to be in front of customers without having to leave your home or make arrangements to travel. It will be easy for customers to talk to the owners of a project and it will make them more comfortable and you will have more conversions. 

These are just a few of the wonderful features of Google Plus. If you are not using Google Plus for your business, you should. I believe pretty soon a whole lot more people will be on Google Plus and they will have a much better chance to rank higher for their keywords because this is a product of Google. 


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