Use KDP Select To Increase Website Traffic

We know that we need traffic to our websites and blogs to make money and to build a fan base and following. In affiliate marketing that can be tough. In this blog I've shared some ways you can increase the traffic to your website and how to make an affiliate income. But there is another way you can get people to flock to your sites and blogs; that way is through publishing a kindle ebook on Amazon.

Amazon KDP Select Program is a great way to get people to download your books for free. It is a program that is suppose to make you money when people borrow your books through Amazon Prime. The bad thing about this program is the people get only one borrow per month so it really isn't that effective. But for a person who is trying to build a business, Amazon KDP Select will allow you to make your book free for 5 days out of a 90 day period only if your book is exclusive to them. You would have to price the book between $2.99 and $9.99 to be apart of it. I know 5 days is not a lot, but you can use these 5 free days to to get visitors to your site and spread the news about your business because Amazon has a huge amount of targeted traffic monthly. This is what you can do to use KDP Select to gain more visitors and traffic to your site: 
  1.  Create a short information guide. This is where you will focus on solving a pressing problem. This can apply to any niche. If you have a blog about weight loss, you can create an information product that focus on building muscle to increase weight loss. You can write a short 5-7 page guide on things a person can do to build muscle. Then put your website address or the name of your business in the book so people can visit your site. Also put your email address in there. Then upload it on Amazon KDP Select and price the book at the lowest price of $2.99. When you set the promotion for the book to go free on the days you choose, people can download the free copy to their kindle or computer (when they download the kindle app on the PC) and read it. This is the best reason to use the Amazon Kindle Select Program. Your primary focus is to get people to see your info guide and your site, not to make money from it. But you can make a few bucks when you are not using your free days and get a few sales. My book, How to Create a New Information Product in 90 Minutes Or Less, will show you how you to create an info product in less than 90 min.
  2. Find sites that will let you announce when your book is going free. Author Marketing Club is a great place that will let you promote your kindle eBook and they will offer other helpful benefits to authors. 
  3. Make sure you are really helping your future customers. Provide them with very helpful info to make them want to check out your site and keep your book. If it doesn't help them they can decide to get a refund. And if it does help them, they may share it with others.
So far I've had some success with the program by getting my name out there. I've made a small amount in royalties from the USA sales and a a small amount of £ from UK. And that's from all six items I sell through Amazon KDP, including a short romance novel I wrote and I recently signed up with KDP at the end of April. So it's not that bad for earning a few extra bucks. In my opinion it is best to use this platform to get future customers for you online business more so than making a lot of money from it. 

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