Best Ways Affiliate Marketers Can Promote Products Free, Cheap & Honestly

There are very effective ways an affiliate can promote products. But the most important thing we need to worry about is using honest ways to promote products. You have to be honest if you want to make money online. If you are trustworthy, you will make a nice steady and passive income as an affiliate.

Now none of these ways will make you $20,000 in a month, but with time and effort you will make good money. Below are great ways to get started in your business:

Write articles

You can write articles to help you promote any product. What you do is provide helpful tips on the subject you choose that is related to the product you are promoting. Using articles to promote can help you gain trust and build and audience. It is also better than using ads. People trust articles more than ads. Articles boost your ranking in search engines and people would rather find solutions to their problems than being bombarded with ads all the time. In the long run, you will profit with writing articles.

Build a blog

You could provide helpful tips in an informative blog. You build your audience and trust in this way also. People will follow you and the search engines like new content. When you post new content, you will get higher rankings. People will share your blog with others through social media, increasing your followers and chances of making money.

Email marketing

You can share some of your experiences through email marketing.  You can send out solo ads for free. There are also paid solos ads that cost little money and you can promote and get decent results with them. Or you can allow people to subscribe to helpful newsletters. Just make sure you are not trying to sell to people. Presale instead.

Advertising sites

You can write effective ad copies and get great results if you do it correctly. Don’t try to hype up the ad by saying you can make $50,000 in a month and don’t exaggerate. No one makes big money as an affiliate overnight. Be real and people will trust you. I recommend trying the other methods first before you use advertising sites to promote products.

Build a helpful website

Build an informative website. You can put some of your helpful articles on the website and provide helpful tips and videos related to your niche or product. Make sure you worry more about providing great content and info and not so much about seo or keywords. Although these are important, you want to make a site for people. People are not dumb and they will know if the site is for them or the search engines. Then submit your site url to directories such as Dmoz or share your site on Facebook or Stumble Upon

Write reviews

Writing reviews is a great way to tell people about a product. NOTE: Only Write Reviews If You Actually Used The Product

These are helpful ways to get you going. And remember the affiliate marketing business is about building trust. It is not all about making a quick sale. 


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