Do You Consider The Load Time Of Your Website?

You're working on your website and blogs daily. You spend hours, sometimes until 3 in the morning adding valuable content to your blog. You're in hopes that people will visit your site. But you look at your stats after some time and find that you're not getting a lot of visitors and your making little to no money. Then you find that some of your visitors stay on your site for a few seconds then their gone for ever. You ask yourself a bunch of why questions and still can't figure out what's going on. You visit your own site and it you see it takes for ever to load.

No matter what you do and how well you do it, people are impatient and if your website is slow, they will leave. No if's and's or buts about it, they're gone, never to be seen or heard from again. Let's see what Ste Kerwer has to say about your sites load time.............

The biggest turn-off is a slow load time. You've probably visited a blog or two that took forever to appear on your monitor. In reality, it was probably only 5 or 6 seconds, it only seemed like an eternity. And you've also probably clicked away from a good number of these blogs before they ever finish loading. That’s exactly what your own visitors are doing if your site loads too slow. So it’s important that you regularly check the load time of your site.
It’s not enough to simply visit your own blog and see how fast it loads. Each computer is different and your computer may be accessing cached pages which will load faster anyway.
Instead, use, a free online tool which allows you to simply plug in your URL and you’ll get an instant response that tells you how fast your website or blog is loading.
Keep in mind, you only have two to three seconds to grab your visitor’s attention. If it’s taking two seconds for your site to load then that doesn't leave much time for the visitor to browse your content and see if there’s something there that grabs their attention. So the faster your site loads the better. See more from Ste Kerwer here
The bottom line is you only have a few seconds to grab a person's attention. People are in a hurry these days and it's only going to get worst. If 3 seconds past it's too late. Take the steps you need to take to make your site faster and use the free tool Ste Kerwer mentions to see how fast your site loads.

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