Working Online Works

Some people may be skeptical about how working online works, or if it even works at all. But the truth is working online works if you make it work. Being an affiliate marketer is one thing, but combining the internet marketing as a whole is another. While folks do make money online just as an affiliate marketer, it's often better to combine the two to make an even better income. If you don't know what internet marketing is click here.

How do you know working online works? Take a look at all the websites and blogs. Most of them are monetized with ads and the owners of these blogs and sites are making money on a daily basis. People who are even just doing a blog about their life, or embarrassing moments are making money online. So you see working online works. 

If you put your mind to it, educate yourself, and observe other websites and blogs (not copying someone else's work only as an example) working online will work for you. 

Take a look at this news story from CBS and read The Truth About Making Money Online. Also read this article on CNN and watch this video from ABC which offers great info for an income on the net . These stories show you that working online works. 

In Need Of Motivation: How An Armless Colombian Man Repairs Electronics

Are you in need of motivation in creating an affiliate revenue? Or are you in need of motivation in life in general? This story will definitely inspire you to continue on.

A guy from Colombia fixes cells and other electronics with his feet. Even though he has a disability and is armless, he still manages to work hard to succeed in life. He doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for him. This heart felt story should inspire you to want to keep making an income in affiliate marketing, or accomplish any of the desires of your heart. You should always want to strive to follow your dreams. This armless man didn’t let his disability stop him, so we shouldn't let anything stop us.

A woman by the name of Aimee Mullins accomplished her dreams of being a high fashion model and athlete despite not having any legs. She said her prosthetic legs are a source of strength and not her disability.

My advice to you would be to keep on going after making an affiliate income and all of your other desires.  Watch these videos of these two amazing humans and others including a one legged & armless orphan who was adopted by a Canadian family who is living without limits by clicking the link below and visit my hub.

An Armless Colombian Man Repairs Electronics

Join Forces With Your Competition & Make An Affiliate Income

When you start a business in affiliate marketing, you will have other affiliates promoting products in the same niche you are which makes them your competition. While most affiliates are trying to beat their competition, very few join forces which create a win-win situation.

If a few affiliates can get in agreement and create a free helpful money making report, all of them will benefit from it. What you do is put an ad out to look for other affiliates in the same niche as yourself. You can also search forums, visit blogs, and other marketers’ websites. Contact them asking them to join you in creating a report that they can send to their list of subscribers.  When the report is created, all affiliates should promote it.

The way this will make money for all affiliates would be to put your links in the report. All affiliates involved can agree to put a couple of links in the report. If the report is long, more links can be used. But if it is shorter only a few links should be put in it. Affiliates need to allow their subscribers to share the report with others. When this happens, you spread the word about your business and it will create a higher response and this will have a great impact on your affiliate income.

There are so many other creative ways to make money with your competition. You all can advertise on each others websites, blogs, and ebooks. If you all have your own individual reports you can combine them together into a big package and offer it for sale or distribute them for free. The possibilities are endless.

Another idea that will work for all affiliates involved would be to have conference calls and invite subscribers in on the call. The whole point I am making here is to work together instead of against one another and create a huge income. You gain a better opportunity to get your business noticed and you gain other subscribers that you may not have otherwise gotten on your own.

Give Your Subscribers What They Want

If you want to make an affiliate income, you've got to give subscribers what they want. When you can find a product or a service, or you can create a product that’s in high demand, you'll make a substantial affiliate income.  The reason why most affiliates experience problems with affiliate marketing is because they go after products that only appeals to their selves and not the prospects. Your main goal is to give subscribers and others what they want or you will not make an affiliate income.
How do you find out the wants, you do research and you poll your subscribers. Send out an email and instead of promoting, ask them questions. Find out what they really need help in, get information on their biggest problems and the most pressing issues in their lives. If you can target these issues you'll boost your affiliate income.

Once you do this, go find products that will suite their needs. You always should put your subscribers first and solve problems that others may not be able to solve for them. Find out as much information as you can from subscribers, visitors, and followers. Don’t get offended if they say something you don’t like; look at it as an opportunity to better your promotions and services. If they dislike something you are doing, change it.

You constantly have to do test in order to improve your affiliate income. Testing may cause you to spend a little money and invest time, but in the long run this will be good for your business. You do a test by placing ads and finding out which ad has the best response, visit forums, and putting surveys on your website.  Allowing comments will also help you in your test.

Over time affiliate marketing will get easier and you will succeed if you follow the simple steps in my blog. The biggest point I’m making in this post is for you to get to know your subscribers, followers, and visitors. Although knowing only solves half of the problem, you'll be on a better path to making an affiliate income. Giving people what they want is one of the things that matters the most in any business. 

Struggling Affiliate? Learn To Offer Quality To Your Visitors

The best way to get return customers or repeat traffic to your website is quality. Quality is also important when building your reputation. When it comes to building a business in affiliate marketing quality is important. You have to give people quality content in articles, on your blogs and websites, and in any reports you offer your subscribers or visitors. People talk all the time about things whether it’s good or bad and they talk more about the bad than the good. What do you want your visitors and potential customers to say about your business?
The best way to start any business, weather it is in affiliate marketing, online or offline, is to establish yourself as an expert in the niche you choose. If you are promoting a product in weight loss, you need to be the expert that people who are trying to lose weight are looking for. When you are the expert and you have a website with quality content or you offer a helpful report or newsletter, you will have more people coming to you than you can ever dream off. If you satisfy people and meet their needs, they will share your site, and your blog with others. This will help you build your rep and you will be known as the expert in your niche.

You need to provide your own work not something that someone else put out. Be unique and be original. Do something different and odd from everyone else but not any nonsense. If you want repeat customers, you sure won’t get them by using the same old boring methods all the other so called gurus are using. And when you are different from all the others and you start a new trend, people will want to know what you are doing and they will start to take note. You will be talked about and in a good way.  Even the big timers will share your site with their visitors and use you as a good example to their subscribers. You will get traffic, sales, return customers, and even someone may want to hire you to do some work for them. This will provide you many opportunities to make an income in affiliate marketing.

Liebster Blog Award

I have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award from Lisa at Inspire to Thrive. I am very grateful for this award. Thank you Lisa.

Now I have picked out 5 blogs that I like and gave them the reward.

These are my 5:


Liebster means “dearest” in German, and the award is intended to help up-and-coming blogs get the attention they deserve.  In order to accept the award, follow the rules below:

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·         Find five more blogs/bloggers and pass the award on to them.

Check out Lisa's blog, Inspire To Thrive, she has a really great and informative blog.

Warning: Don’t Promote Hyped Up Affiliate Products

Affiliates struggle daily to make money in affiliate marketing. Many struggle mainly because they don’t really know all the information they need to know about how to make money in affiliate marketing. But one big reason why some affiliates struggle is because they try to promote every new product that comes out and the overly hyped products. What I mean by overly hyped products are those products that make big claims such as, you can make $25,000 in 3 days or getting millions of people to view your websites in a week by using their new software.


Vendors and product creators use hype to sell their products and people go for them. People like hearing that stuff and it seems some of them like being lied to. When they purchase the product and it doesn’t deliver the promised results, they get upset and frustrated. As an affiliate you need to stay away from these types of products if you want to make money in affiliate marketing.

Not every product is good. Affiliates need to find good quality products to promote online. It may be best to buy the product first then try it and see if it delivers what is promised if your budget allows. Also you should do some research on all products you want to promote.  I did some research on a product I wanted to promote under Warrior Forum and people complained about how the product did not deliver the results stated on the sales page. Also some people did not get help from support for that product. I decided I was not going to promote the product. Making money is important but customers are more important. Don’t associate yourself with over hyped products. You don’t want people to think you’re just trying to get a quick buck anyway you can by promoting these kinds of products. People will put bad reviews out about you or they will not want to read anything you have to say. You want to build trust in this business if you plan to generate an affiliate income.

Disadvantages Of Using Affiliate Marketing Tools

Article Marketing Tips

Many affiliate marketers use article marketing to drive free traffic to their campaigns. Article marketing is also used as an only source of traffic for some internet marketers because of lack of money for advertising.  It’s a great way to get free listings in all search engines, including Google.  Any one who is serious about affiliate marketing should be using article marketing and getting this free traffic.

Now don’t get scared and think “well I’m not a good writer". You don’t have to be an excellent writer or even a writer at all. If you can write an email, you can write articles. It’s simple and with practice you can write one in as little as 15 minutes and you can write several in a week.

How to Write Articles

Before starting out writing articles, you want to find keywords related to the product you are promoting. You don’t want to write an article without including keywords because no one will find you article. You want to get listed in the search engines and you need good keywords to get listed. Keywords are words that are typed in search engines so people can find what they are looking for. You can go to Google and use the Google Adword Keyword Tool to help you find keywords that people use often.  

When performing your research using the keyword tool, you will find the number of searches, which is the amount of times people search a particular keyword. If a lot of people search for that keyword or phrase, you definitely want to pick that keyword. After that you will search out the competition. To do this you will need to click on the advanced options and filters. Go to where it says filter ideas and click on low competition and click search. This will give you results on low competition keywords. You want to choose low competition keywords because you will get a better chance of being rank in search engines for those keywords.

One you have a good set of low competition keywords to use for the product you are promoting you want to create an attention grabbing title. This is the very first thing people will see. You want the title to have your keywords in it. For example I wrote an article about fat loss, it was my keyword, so I titled one of my articles “Why Am I Fat? How Your Daily “actions” May Be Preventing Fat Loss”. It is a sort of catchy title with my chosen keyword. People will find your article when you include the keyword in the title. This is very important. Also you want to use your keywords throughout your article body while writing interesting and quality content. Don’t put to many keywords in your article. You article want make since and search engines will not list your article in the results. Also many directories will not accept your article if it is stuffed with keywords. Don’t go over 3% keyword density. This is very important.  You can check your keyword percentage at this site Keyword Density Tool.  Please make sure your article is helpful and interesting. Don’t offer your readers garbage or you will lose them.

Once you have your article written, you can submit it to the article directory. You need to make sure you follow their rules. Most article directories will not let you put affiliate links in the resource box. You will need to put your website or blog in the resource box. If you have not already done so build a website or blog. If you have no funds to build a website, I would advise you to blog or a free website such as weebly. Then put your affiliate link on there. You need to call action in the resource box by either offering something for free that has value or offer great helpful content on your site or blog.