Does Your Blog Make You & Your Readers Sick?

Are you making your blog readers sick? If you are then chances are you are sick too because your readers had to avoid your virus and leave your blog.

One thing you have to realize is your blog readers get sick of seeing the same thing over and over again. They get sick of seeing ads and promotions all over your blog post. People also get sick of seeing mediocre content.

What you should do is look at magazines. Magazines showcase a variety of eye catching content. This is what the magazine industry have to do in order to get customers to pick up their magazine and buy it over the others. The magazine industry know they have to catch the customers eye in a few short seconds. This is the same thing you have to do to get people to click on your blog and stay on it. There has to be eye catching stuff all around your blog. Look at what this article says...........

The magazine industry can show you everything from killer headlinescompelling copywriting and even the perfect content strategy.
When you have nearly 1 million readers a year (who pay to read your content) you learn a lot about getting people’s attention (and more importantly, keeping it).
I combed through 4 magazines to see the different ways they presented tutorials, industry news and encouraged community participation. The result is the following 98 publishing styles.
Focus on just one of these methods once a week and you’ve got a variety of business blogging styles to last nearly 2 years.
First up, Britain’s Number 1 Women’s Magazine


Do the headlines catch your eye? Can you steal any for your business blog?

See more from the article "98 Magazine Secrets for Keeping Your Blog and Content Marketing Fresh" ----->Here

Now take a look at the Glamour magazine picture and answer the questions in the caption. Your blog need to look like this so your readers will stay on your blog. This will help them to discover your other post that may not get read on a regular basis. Don't keep making your blog readers sick by feeding them garbage or recycled information from the web. Offer them value all the time and they will want more.

Look at it this way; you get sick from your favorite restaurant eating your favorite steak because it was under cooked and because of cross contamination. Will you go back? That's the point. So think about that next time you write a blog post and take some ideas from the Glamour magazine above so you will always attract readers and keep loyal subscribers.

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