5 Creative Traffic Building Ideas

Everyone knows that if you are an affiliate marketer or if you own a website, traffic building is so vital. Without it there would be no business, no income period. One important thing we must know is that when you have a website or a blog you have to do more than just put great content on them. Although quality content is very important, it is only half the battle. Big companies often hirer experts to optimize their websites in order for them to bring visitors to websites and this can get very costly. Also free classified advertising may not always be the best way because you will only get the least amount of views.

In this post I am going to go over some creative traffic building ideas that will help you get visitors to your websites.


Using directories to link build to your websites

This is a very effective way to build backlinks to your websites and blogs. When you add your site to one of these directories, you will get a free backlink to your website. In most cases it is a one way link which is very good for you; and in the long run will increase visitors to websites because these directories are used as much as search engines. You can do a search on the internet for free online directories. I will list a couple of them below so check them out:

Social Networking & Book Marketing Sites

Social networking sites are a great way to get backlinks. One thing about these types of sites is friends don’t care to be marketed to. In my opinion, I would use these sites mainly for the purpose of building a backlink. I also recommend that you open an account strictly for business purposes and keep your personal account for friends and family.

Twitter and Linkedin to me are one of the best to use for business purposes. Twitter is becoming more popular everyday and almost all people are using it. When you tweet a message, everyone in your network will receive it instantly. And it has the chance of being indexed in Google.

Visit these sites below and start building links and get visitors to websites.

Video sharing websites

Now this is a good one. Lots of folks are visual and like to have either pictures or videos to watch. Big companies use commercials to capture our attention. You should do the same, but with video sharing sites. When you post a video, it tends to get indexed quicker than an article or content on a site. Videos also receive traffic quicker for a more enhanced chance for your website to get seen.

Youtube, one of the most popular sites around, is a great place to start. You can fill out the profile with information about your site or blog, and in the description of your video you can use keywords with a well written description and add your url.  Others will write comments to your videos and my type in keywords in their comments that can make your video skyrocket in search engines, thus bringing more visitors to websites. The best part about sharing a video is that it’s free.

Link To High Ranking Dominating Websites 

Here is a very brilliant idea most people don't think about to get visitors to websites and increase rankings; put high power website links in your websites and blogs that dominate the web. What do I mean, sites that have authority. When you do this, you get traffic, and your site is seen by search engines as trustworthy or important. Make sure the link is relevant to the content or that it links to a story on the site your viewers would be interested in. This is what you want and this is how you get your web site on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I will give you a few examples of sites below:

Use A Thesaurus To Aid In Creating Unique Valuable Content 

Lastly you want to be unique and add value. You do this by offering very high quality content to your viewers. I said this before and will say it again; high quality content will help you get visitors to websites. This is so important, and as I said in the beginning of this post it’s only half the battle, but it is important because duplicate content will not get indexed by Google or any other search engines. If you are saying the same thing as everyone else, you won’t get found. When you don’t take the time and find something new to say, website visitors want stay on your page. There is no short cut to this.

I am going to give you a very useful strategy that will help you create unique content that will get visitors to websites. Use a thesaurus. This is the most effective way to use words that others may not use. I sometimes do this myself. If you always use simple words, which is the same thing other people use, it will not really be unique. You need to talk in your own words, but a thesaurus will greatly help you. Most people are lazy and will not use a thesaurus, so this will be to your advantage.  At the end of the day, you get picked up by search engines, visitors to websites, important high ranking sites linking to you, and more affiliate income or sale increases.  You don’t need an expensive, high priced expert to accomplish these simple tasks. You need patience, time, and the will to put in some work to increase visitors to websites. 

How "Popular" Techniques Can Stall Your Affiliate Sales

Make Money The Right Way In Affiliate Marketing

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing or if you are struggling, maybe it’s time to change how you run your affiliate business and change the way you are thinking. There’s much competition and saturation in affiliate marketing and to make money as an affiliate can be quite a difficult task. If you want to make it in this business you are going to have to do things a little different to separate yourself from other affiliate who’s been in the game for many years.  You can study what your competition does and learn from their mistakes and also see what you’re up against in your chosen niche.


One thing you must understand in affiliate marketing is everyone is trying to make the same accomplishments as you are.  You will read everywhere on the net about the best or most popular techniques you should use. If you want to even have an inch of a chance at beating your competition, why use the same exact “popular” techniques other affiliates use. Thousands of other affiliates have already used these “popular” techniques many moons before you knew anything about the affiliate marketing business, and those same techniques are probably stale by now. By the time you use finish trying these techniques, your competition will have moved on the bigger newer strategies and possibly more money.  You certainly don’t want to end up fishing from the pond that all the other fishers fished in before you, there won’t be any fish left for you to catch.  Also with search engines changing their algorithm constantly to provide searchers with the best relevant results, some of these techniques are either outdated or they are becoming outdated.

So why use not be creative and brainstorm for some of your own ideas. It is best that you step out and do something other folks haven’t done yet.  It’s just like school, you enter kindergarten, other students are in the 4th grade, and by the time you get to grade 4 they are in the 8th.  With this being said, you need to really do your research and try to come up with something new. Pick out a niche that many people are not promoting in or try to create and/or do something that no one else has done. Find a need that hasn’t been filled and fill it. Also remember that copy cats usually end up with not so good results as the original, so be unique. This will provide you the best chances to make money in affiliate marketing or any business.

Now you still should write articles with awesome content and provide quality to your audience. You should also get to know your audience. But you should not try to take the shortcut ways to earning money in affiliate marketing, it won’t work.

In your journey to success in affiliate marketing you will have some mountains you have to move but with the right attitude, motivation, and most importantly knowledge, you will end up becoming the money making affiliate you strive to be in this business. Read this article below about Me Too Marketing, you will learn additional information on how to be different from your competition.

No More "Me Too" Marketing

Get To Know Your Customer In Order To Build Your Affiliate Income

Most of the time in affiliate marketing we want to attract new customers. While this is all good, you should focus on keeping your existing customers.  It is your existing customers who will make you money over and over. If you take care of them and make sure they are satisfied, they will be loyal to you and will continue to purchase products through you. When you take your mind off of them this is where you will fail.


Big companies always get repeat customers because they maintain a relationship and keep in contact with them by getting their email or other contact information and send them coupons and catalogs. You should do the same in your affiliate marketing business. As I said before in previous post, continue to offer them value, be there to assist them in any questions they may have, and most importantly, keep in touch.  You do this through emails, your blog, your articles, or through social network marketing. Your customers will more than likely need more of what you have to offer, especially if you have similar products in the same niche from which they purchased.

In the long run you will save more money by making money off of your repeat customers.

As far as getting new customers, you need to give something in order to get them in the first place. This takes time and effort. Provide them with credibility and loyalty. You can’t just get customers to stay interested in what you have to offer if you’re not giving them your best. The relationship with your prospects starts in the beginning. You have to show them you care for them. It’s just like an actual relationship. You don’t just make friends and keep them by offering nothing of value to them. Even when you’re looking for a spouse you have to have something of value to offer them or it will not work out.

You also have to nurture your relationship with your prospects to make them grow. Just like a seed you have to water it. This one of the most important things you have to do to get customers and keep them.

If you want customers to recommend you to others, just follow all of my advice. People talk about the bad and negative more than they’ll talk about the good or the positive. If you are not doing the best for your customers, the negative will spread like wildfire and this will be the end of you and your business. So start on the right foot in the beginning by not only getting customers but also keeping them.

Dynamic Strategies That Will Boost Affiliate Cash Profits

The biggest secret to boosting affiliate cash profits is there is no secret. Many folks believe that if you want to earn affiliate cash that you have to be in the “in” on the so called secrets.  I will give you the real truth towards boosting affiliate profits, and that’s being committed to your business as an affiliate marketer. Regardless how good tips are or how good of strategies you use, being committed in this business is the most important factor.

When most beginner affiliates start in this business, they tend to not know which kind of affiliate programs they should join. The best approach is join programs that pay commissions greater than 25%. If the commissions are less than 25%, you are just wasting your time in most cases. It will take the same amount of work to promote products at 50% that it will at 5%. Which sounds better to you?

Do your research; find a need and fill it. People have needs and want solutions. They search daily. Just take a look at what people are searching for. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool and you’ll see that millions need solutions to their problems. Present them with a solution, and you’ll do more than increase your affiliate profits.

Another important strategy that is vital and will boost affiliate cash profits is to pay close attention to the structure of the product website. Does it look appealing? Would you buy from a site that looks like this? How are the colors? All of this plays a part and will determine weather people will purchase a product or not. Color scheme on the website is more important than most affiliate think.

What about news of the companies top affiliate? I don’t know about you but I want to know how others are doing at selling the product and if it is selling at all.  You most likely won’t make affiliate cash profits if the product isn’t selling very well.

Also you should look for tutorials and tips from the vendor of the products on high you should promote them. They know better than anyone because it’s their product. Usually this comes in the form of updates in some sort of newsletter through email.

Great customer support is also a must from the vendor as well. Why, so you can ask questions when you need to.

Become a customer of the product you plan on promoting and find out if it really offers what is promised by the creators. Becoming a customer will build your credibility and showing proof you’ve actually used the product shows even more and will encourage more sales which means more affiliate cash profits for you.

Follow these important strategies and you will certainly increase affiliate cash profits. You got to do your research in this business and the tips I mentioned above are just some of them. You’ve got to be alert at all times for changes in this industry, and do constant research on the basic and important needs of people. Choose a topic, narrow it down to a specific niche so you can be in a position to be the expert and target a specific audience. Put your self in you customers’ shoes and decide if you would buy a product before you promote it.

All of these tips are very important and will push you on your way to becoming a great affiliate, and earning cash profits.