Why Content Go Viral & How Yours Can Go Viral Too

All of us have seen content go viral on YouTube, Facebook, and everywhere else where you can post videos, pictures  infographics, and more. Some people just know what to post and how to pick info that can push buttons, be controversial, funny, and spark a nerve.  

Others don't know where to start. I'm here to tell you though that there is absolutely no way you can project or guesstimate when and if content will go viral, which can be in the form of pictures, video, or written content. You just can't figure that out because there are several deciding factors.

Even though you got a few things against you, there are things you can do the better your chances of posting and producing off the chain content. Beware and just remember this one thing: just because you produce really good content doesn't mean it will go viral.

Now why does content go viral? Again several factors play apart in making content go viral. Does the piece of content, let's say a picture, strike some sort of emotion? If so which emotion? I'm gonna get straight to the point on this; things that strike anger will more than likely get shared over something that is just plain cute or funny. If something is funny it can get shared to go viral, but it's gotta be the right type of funny if you know what I mean. If you take a look at the website Imgur, look at the pictures and you will see which ones got the most views and you will see they type of stuff that goes viral. This site will give you amazing ideas and be very helpful to view when you are trying to create viral content of your own.                                                                                              

When you visit this site, you will see words written on some of the content. Think back to the Superbowl, which commercials did you find appealing, funny, and interesting and why? Advertisers know how to stroke emotion in people and get them happy and in a good mood to make a purchase. Adding something comical to the advertisements is what they do and that's why these big companies drop millions for a good slot during this particular season.

Take a look at the pictures in this post:

Looking at these, which one is more interesting? The only way you're going to know is if you actually do a test on which one would get shared the most and viewed the most. You would have to share both with the same audience and witness the response. But there are still things you can do to make it go viral without testing it. The second picture for example can have a written statement on it that will go perfectly with the funny expression on his face and make it 10 times funnier than if you just show people a plain picture like the one above. The first picture you may not have to do a thing to. But you have to remember different people see different things and what's funny to some may not be funny to others. Also if you test something, don't rely on friends and family members' opinions because they could just tell you yes something's funny when it really isn't. So test it with your followers and the right audience. 

You also have to look at the fact that what angers some people, may not anger other people. For example, if you have an animal website and you put a picture of an animal being abused or a picture of an animal with a strong controversial comment posted on it, you will get some views and you will see the comments below your article of the way people feel, whether good or bad. 

You have to realize too that people actually like crazy pics. They love to share weird funny type of sayings, post, pictures, and videos. As far as the videos go, people will share all kinds of stuff from horrible videos of people murdering a hit song, to someone who is making senseless fun of someone in the video, and something that is controversial. People use YouTube to state their actual feelings about stuff on video and people do become famous because of it and it depends on what the video was about. 

You have to also realize when people post saying or controversial blog post they are usually long, some terribly long. Folks will post comments all day long until the sun come up the next morning on controversial and funny, epic content. When I say controversial it don't have to be something that make a person mad or people hate you. It can be a topic that you shared from somewhere else and you can get others feelings on it without even telling them how you feel. Think of the site Sodahead

Always remember sometimes people just come to the internet looking for a good heavy laugh. Why don't you be the one to evoke that emotion and bring them to that good belly laugh. Just entertain your audience. 

But when you go to create content, try to stick mostly to things that provoke anger and the kind of stuff that causes people to say "awe". It's got to be the right type of anger and awe moments for people to share it. These get shared more frequently than other types of content. Don't make you readers angry at you, direct the anger in the topic or article and if you use pictures make it about the topic, not your feelings or thoughts because if you have customers you don't want to lose them because of a mishap or misunderstanding.

To ensure that your content has the best chance to go viral, share you links and encourage others to share with friends and followers. Tell them to share it. People do what you tell them to do when you put that call to action in you post. Also give them the proper channels to enable folks to share your work. Post to places where you have a chance to be on the first page of a popular site. Post things after 2 or 3 pm during the day. Four o clock may be your best time to post content because in the evening time most people are online. During the week may work better than weekends, although I had a good outcome on a Sunday posting content that got many views. Just try different things and see what happens. No one truly knows what will go viral until it's out there, and it doesn't matter how many studies have been conducted on the subject of viral content. 

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