Top Reason You Can't Succeed At Anything

Do you allow your so called friends or family to hold you back from success?
There are quite a few reasons a person can't succeed at anything. It doesn't matter what you are trying to do, if it is affiliate marketing, being a big time sports star, becoming a successful author, or trying to get hired at your local grocery store, there is one thing that can stop anyone from succeeding, other people. That's right, you've read that correctly, other folks can determine your success if you let it.    

What do I mean by that you may ask? If you are one to worry about what people think, they will have control over your life. There are haters and people who don't believe in your dreams, but you have to keep it moving. What's even more hurtful is when this comes from the people you love the most, family and friends.

How can you beat this? You let them have their opinions. Everyone is entitled to feel how they want to feel, even if that means they don't agree with your dreams or anything else you may want to accomplish. I've had this problem myself. I have family and even some friends I know who didn't believe in me and that really hurt me. But I learned that it would not change. You are going to have to realize this also if you are struggling with this that it simply will not change. If you don't, you'll never succeed at anything.

As I mentioned a few sentences ago you have your haters. Some people simply want to rain on your parade because they didn't succeed at anything. You need to avoid these type of people because they will pull you down and you will become bitter.

I know someone now who let their family and friends influence them. He had a dream of being successful at something he loves so dearly, playing instruments. He allowed his family, friends, and other people from his town to tell him he need to be more like his father because his father was very successful. He had people telling him that he ought to be following in his dads footsteps and they were steering him away from his dream. He was very good at what he did and I feel he could have been successful if he had more positive people in his life encouraging him at that time. Now he is stuck doing a job he really doesn't like to do and a family member told him few years ago that he will be doing that job the rest of his working career. I told him to block that from his mind, but he believe he can't do any better and that it is too late for him.

Look, it is very important that you don't let people tell you that you can't do something. Don't let others tell you that you can't succeed at what you are tying to do. This is one of the biggest reasons why a person can't succeed at anything. Don't let your family or friends talk you out of your dreams. I was talking to a friend about one of  my dreams and one of my sisters said she needed a stiff drink. She didn't believe in my dream and it bothered me. But people will belittle you, laugh at you, and tell you "oh that can't be done, you should just give that up". The truth is they most likely are trying to stop you so they can stay ahead of you or because they were let down or didn't succeed at what they wanted to do.

So don't worry about your friends or family's opinion and negative thoughts. Position yourself around positive people who will encourage you to become a better you. Get around those who believe in you. Constructive criticism is ok, but anything to keep you from achieving your goals in a negative way, stay away from it and dream again. If you do this, you will succeed at everything. Also don't let a challenge stop you. Sometimes you will have some challenges, but it can be the challenges that help you to succeed. So face them and overcome them to move to the next level.

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